Friday, April 2, 2010

It's today! It's today!

They say you are born with all the eggs you are going to have in your life time.
I beg to differ
Between Lisa and I we just got 1511 more in the last 2 weeks.

Plus I came up with some real high quality ones that have a lot of potential
They have all been harvested and are ready for implantation
We just have to find a few eligible people for this procedure
They must be in great health (or at least willing to get up early) and do well under pressure
It might be a frozen situation but non the less I'm sure the eggs will take
Or Be taken
Fingers crossed for the ideal environment
But in Utah we take what we can get and roll with it


The Peton's said...

I need a few of those healthy eggs implanted over in this here womb. Oh wait. You're talking about EASTER EGGS!! I get it. Never mind about my fertility.

You are very festive. I'm so happy that grandma is taking the kids tonight and dying eggs with them. Now I don't have to do it. Hooray!

Aimee said...

Looking forward to finding your eggs in the mornin. And to eating a doughnut or two.

Lisa said...

I will only deal with implantation of the eggs as long as there is zero chance of any more adorables coming my way!! Keep em candy filled and not baby filled and I am all game.

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