Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The heart is a bloom

Pre-Easter clothes wearing
Since dang general conference throws a wrench in all the plans (j/k)
Sam is Rico Suave (is that how its spelled in this circumstance or is that just the shampoo?)
I love these "little lady" shoes on Neve. They make me smile
Still lovin' The Childrens Place for all your matchy fashion needs. I think this might be our last year to fit in their sizes.
Their clothes were already stained after church. They must have candy givin' primary teachers. My kind of people.
I took the kids to Discovery Gateway on Monday
Neve is scared of horses just like me. Although I was not nervous about this horse since it is nailed to the floor.
I told Dave I didn't want to take Neve because she would be a little rat and run away. He thought I was rude. Maybe I was but I was right. She not only ran away but she first waited until Sam had a shopping cart full of groceries then she grabbed it and took off and when he tried to stop her she screamed like Sarah. She's a bossy Bessie.
Do you think Reams will hire this dork to match all the other dorks?
I do not find this place to be that great. Anyone else have that thought? I like the Treehouse museum in Ogden much better even if you risk your life to be in that part of the state. (another joke, sort of).
so my thought in this is that I might go to this museum about as often as I go to Sushi, maybe i could do them both on the same day.
side note: the title is just to get under the skin of those who can't wait for spring and don't enjoy the lovely snow fall today. I like it, now I will hide so no one beats me up.
Disclaimer: all workers at Reams are not dorks, just most of them. I used to work there but I was of the non-dork variety......says me.


Angie said...

You are better than me, I decided that because Easter is on a free Sunday, I didn't need to go and get Easter clothes this year. I suck, but you do have some good taste, they look good.

The first time we took the kids to the Discovery Gateway Jared about dropped a load in his shorts with how expensive that place was. We decided to spend 15$ more and get a 6 month pass. I think we went only one time more. It is over rated and polluted with skinny moms of two kids who don't shut up enough to watch their kids while they visit with their friends.

I am getting old.

The Wingwah's said...

your dorks who work at reams comment coupled with Sams dorky face cracked me up!
Discovery gateway; lame.
Treehouse museum; fun. even if it's in O-town, across from the ugly temple. I feel blasphemous for saying that BUT apparently the church thinks it's ugly too cuz it's getting a facelift.

The Wingwah's said...

and what is that pumpkin thing on your bedroom floor?

Neve looks like amy in the second picture.

Susan Catmull said...

I agree. The old Children's museum was sooooo much better(it was old and rickity and kids could actually explore and have more fun) The new one is a little pompus in my opionion(did I even spell that right-oh well I don't even care) Love your Easter clothes. I picked yellow this year. And yes I will make my whole family dress up just for the picture before they destroy the clothes at Grandmas house.

Hendricksonblog said...

Amen about the museum especially the people not watching their grabby rude kids. The thing is an ottoman that I have yet to find a cushion for that I can commit to. Im waffling about making them dress up to come to moms....

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Lisa said...

WOW top blogger!!! That is really something. Is this going to make you become a snobby Gateway Mom??? You better watch out. Or you are going to learn to pretend to like sushi while hanging at the gateway. The clothes were really cute by the way.

The Peton's said...

Easter clothes? Not usually in this house. Although the girls got new dresses for Reese's wedding. So I guess they're easter clothes.

Sarah, you cracked me up about the ugly temple. Provo is ugly too. I always got confused there because it just keeps going around and around.

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