Monday, March 15, 2010

with just my children and my wife (UPDATED)

I woke up this morning and saw this and it made me laugh (only boys)Those are some teeny dodge balls and some odd shaped ones too but they were improvising.
I also decided to take a peek at my blog to see my mistakes and correct them from the previous day.
I got a call this morning and on the other end he said "God freaking bless the USA and their toilets that aren't a hole in the ground"
I think he's glad to be back. We had mexican for dinner per his request.
He came bearing gifts as he usually does. He bought one of each flavor of cookie because he didnt know which one the kids would like. Unfortunately I like them the most and there are 8 canisters. The candy he brought is kind of like Bit O Honey and Big Hunk which are both pet names I use for Dave.....haha. He got the kids all shirts from Disneyland Hong Kong which he told them he went to but I knew he was lying by looking at his eyes (he continues to prove my theory of where Ella gets her lying gene from).
He bought me some fancy shmancy watch that Im not sure what to do with. You see, its so fancy that I told him if I go in to the jeweler to get it sized they will tackle and hand cuff me on the spot knowing full well I must have stolen it off of someone else. Where would a person like me get such a nice thing, heck they might tackle me for donning a jelly bracelet. He got himself a watch too that apparently Tiger Woods designed or something like that. That must have happened before Tiger got so busy with all his lady friends or maybe one of them designed my watch huh?

These are my random thoughts for while he was gone
-Neve thought Dave was behind the computer when we talked to him on Skype. Now when I say wheres daddy she points at the computer, although that is fine because he is usually sitting at it anyway.
-Logan is very good at taking over the male dominant role in the house. He is always a good kid but he has never been so helpful and well behaved in all his life. He even totally took over screaming and yelling while watching the Jazz lose so many times. I played a lot of games with him so we could sharpen up his tactics. He listened to all of harry potter 5 on cd and moved on to 4. Im not quite sure what the backwardness is about.
-Ella will make a very good Mom someday right down to the out of control emotions at very odd times. All Moms need this, it keeps all the men on their toes. Actually she does great as long as she wears her Cpap. She has always been helpful so I knew that would be the same while he was gone and its nice to have the extra little mom to help with Neve. She knows how to run a computer for skyping or watching movies like nobody's business. I would suddenly hear Dave's voice and sure enough she had called him. I may start giving her the paying the bills chore soon.
-Sam is truly a Mommas boy and doesnt so far even show a single sign of missing his Dad. I know he cares but his world keeps a constant as long as I am here. While we were waiting at the airport for Dave to get his bags Sam said "mom lets just go and leave dad here, he is taking too long" I also learned that he is an "expert" at games and that his word of the week is "aaasept" (except) and that he stutters substantially more than last week.
-I had failed to recognize the wonderful feeling it is to lay your head on your pillow at night and know that you are not the only one in the house responsible for four children. I don't know how women do it alone. I can handle all the day to day stuff for the most part but I don't enjoy movies or the tv so much by myself. The house is cleaner and maybe my mind but there's some empty space where all those missed episodes are supposed to be. Good thing I fully appreciate technology and them there fancy DVR's.
-I eat more when Im alone. Food is a good friend when its time for company just not so much when you stand on the scale and you can't see the answer beyond your protruding belly.
-I have great friends/family who took the time to make sure I was taken care of and who made sure I had lots of fun and lots of "options".
-34 feels bout the same as 33 except my ankles seem perkier. Good ankles!!! now my shoulder is trying to cause ruckus again. Damn you shoulder mechanics.
-I do like cereal for dinner but I will take Dave being home over cereal for an option any day (okay who are we kidding , cereal will still be an option sometimes).
-I do still wish we each had our own king size bed. We could scoot them together, that might be okay.
Lastly I am on a very poor sleeping schedule and the jump ahead isnt helping matters much given that I am still up typing when normally I would be a few hours into my slumber. So here I go trying to get back on my early to bed late to rise routine.


Keri said...

You put Updated in the title - I LOVE IT you freakin rockstar!

I love this post. It makes me want to send Mike somewhere and see what I notice while he is gone :)

The Peton's said...

Betchyer glad Dave is home. I'm glad for you.

How do ankles get perkier? Mine just get canklier the older I get. Hope you had a good birthday. Sorry you were all alone.

When you said you helped Logan sharpen his tactics, I read that you sharpened his testicles.

Angie said...

Ok take two, my computer is dying, again....

First off, why was Dave in China? Second, what did he bring me?

I get really annoyed when I have Jared home for long amounts of time, not that really ever happens but it messes up my groove. But come dinner time, it's hell when he isn't around. I am glad you have your honey home.

Hendricksonblog said...

Dont let the word perkier fool you. Realize these babies are coming from a very fallen state and yes I did fall both times in case you were wondering. Flip flops were to blame for the double sprain, yet Im still wearing them even to shovel snow. Stupid is as stupid does.

Chad said...

You said perkier and I never thought of ankles as perky. Other parts, yes. Not ankles.

Rebecca kicks me out every 4 days for two whole days. I am not sure how she does it either. Ok, I know how she kicks me out, (job), but I don't know how she deals with the kids for 48 hours straight while I am gone, every week.

Chad said...

ps- is there a height limit on the rides in Disneyland Tokyo? If so, i bet there are fewer wait times there.

Lisa said...

This post makes me happy!!

The Wingwah's said...

i love how our almost 2 hour conversation covered most of these same topics. Glad Sterling Poulson is home and well and not a chinaman. (not that I don't like chinamen)
my word verification is rubcoc... preverts.

Aimee said...

Sometimes waiting to comment is better on your blog 'cause the comments are sometimes as entertaining as the post itself. I especially like it when you comment to yourself (or on your own blog at least).

Did you really have cereal for dinner while Dave was gone, or did you have donuts? Uh huh... I knew it!

It's funny how the dad of the house tends to get in the way sometimes, but then when they leave for a while you realize you do kind of like having them around. The worst is when you have a baby and they think they need to take two weeks off work. Thank goodness mine doesn't do that.. oh and that I'm not still having babies.

Aimee said...

p.s. I can't wait to see that watch on you!

Hendricksonblog said...

I also talk to myself and to plants and bugs when i am gardening. I swear at the bugs though because they usually startle me.

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