Friday, March 12, 2010

This little leprechaun stayed home

This is Sam fake sleeping in hopes that this fake sleeping will get him out of going to preschool.
He got a shamrock painted on his face today and on our way home from somewhere he said. "mom when we get home will you wash this green off so i dont look like this?"
We had a rough day on the way to preschool and it might be because the kids got up at 5:30 except Logan, who waited one more hour and got up and said "what is going on? why is everyone up" and I said in a very ornery voice "good question Logan" ridiculous

We are driving back from taking Angi to buy a new car and he says "I sure do like Angi's new car"

Sam wanted to ride his scooter on the driveway and I was going out to get the mail and I looked over at him and just saw in his eyes that his brain was just working and then he said "Mom even who would want to take a child on a spiderman bike?"
He is on a spiderman scooter and I think he is thinking back to the many times I tell him why I dont like him in the front yard unless I am with him.

I wonder if Sam will need his own blog soon because he seems to be commandeering mine. Of course its not by force but I know one day he will be old and boring and I can go back and enjoy him instead of trying to have another one to replace him, which never works out how you plan.

Dave is now in Hong Kong
His message read: Finally some good food.
Now Logan wants to go to Hong Kong
His water looks a little yellow........hmmm maybe he's really in Magna or drinking his first mornings urine. Either way.


Hernandez Family said...

That's water?

Angie said...

I miss Magna water.

The Peton's said...

Yeah, real chinese food isn't quite like the food here. It gives one the runs.

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