Thursday, March 18, 2010

Let's shoot him and put him out of our misery

Dave had PRK done today because he is not good enough for LASIK
Grandma and Grandpa Hendrickson paid for him to have better vision. Thanks Rendell and Veone. All of their hard work and dedication and everyone else reaps the benefits. It seems sick and wrong but it was their wish. Dave sure appreciates it though, ok he will anyway. Right now his left eye is bugging him and supposedly tomorrow will be worse. He has a worse recovery than mine and I told him its just because he's male and I ain't (debatable).
Anyway he has a zillion drops and jams and jellies he has to put in his eyes and if you know him, he is weird about eye stuff. He misses his eyes a lot with the drops and I laugh. He tries not to laugh when I laugh but he has to admit it is funny and then he laughs out of frustration. He wants me to do the drops for him but I am having a much better time watching him do the drops. I will help him when I am done finding humor in all of it.
He actually does have worse recovery though and it is much longer. I hope his vision sharpens up in time for him to take his urine and stool sample to the Drivers L Division to get his license renewed.

Sam came downstairs while I was on the treddy mill (what he calls it) and said "Mom can you put a movie in for me because Dad can't, he has surgery eyes"

Thats some bad hair, hatty
The curls looks so cute from the sides and back but...............
unfortunately this is what it naturally does in the front. Can I not catch a break in the hair department. She has hat hair and she never wears a hat. I'm just going to start putting hats on her that have sayings like the guy on 30 Rock. That would be awesome.
BOO-YAH!!! (this is just a gentle reminder of a great time I had a few fridays ago with some ladies I like one of which i may or may not have drenched with spit laden water) I cannot get boo yah out of my head..........annoying.


Natalie said...

Brandon had PRK done almost a year ago. It took him 6 months to fully recover. The said he was their longest patient to recover. It was a very slow process for him. Looking back he said if he had to do it over he wouldn't!!! That being said...he loves his 20/15 vision now!!!

Chad said...

I am LOL'ing because you said "Dave is a male and I ain't." But that's debatable. I never knew that it was still up for debate on your gender.

Chad said...

ps- what is PRK?

Hernandez Family said...

Maybe Neve's hair does that because you let her suck on cords! BOO-YAH!

Lisa said...

I have never heard of this PRK business. Tell that Grandma and Grandpa of his I am ready for LASIK when ever they are!! Sometimes it is awesome to have such nice grandparents around!!! Sorry for Dave and poor Neve not having a mom to do her hair that usually helps!!!

Angie said...

What DMV do you go to that makes you take your poo?

If you have Neve start wearing hats you could use quotes from Sam for the fronts. Start with "treddy mill

PS Have Dave watch this when he can

The Wingwah's said...

i've never heard of PRK either, it's not the implantable contact lense is it? I thought that sounded freaky when i went to Hoopes, not to mention dumb, because your vision can still change.
I think nevi chevy's hair is cute, just needs a little clippie in it.

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