Thursday, March 11, 2010

Love is sweet misery

So i think there is use crying over it when its this much.
Sam walks in and sees my misfortune and he goes on a 5 minute dialogue about it
"What the??? Mom thats a lot of milk, holy crap, why did you do that? Oh great now you and me dont have any milk and only Neve has milk. Mom you are the worst milk carrier ever!!! I never knowed anyone that spilled all that milk. " and on and on and on as if im not bugged enough that I have to clean up this mess.
I work very quickly and I like to go warp speed like most everyone knows. I try to only take one trip from the car to the house after grocery shopping if I can so I carry three jugs in each hand. Yeah im tough like that!!! The only problem with working so fast is that you take the chance of major injury or catastrophe. I obviously am willing to take the risk.

Before this incident on our way home Sam is so happy to be talking about the pooper scooper I just bought from the pet store (just saying pooper scooper almost makes me throw up Nothing worse than the smell of dog poop). Anyway he is excited because it comes with a rake and now he is counting how many rakes we have at our house. He says "mom aspecially we have 3 rakes because we have the one grandma just bought you and the blue one and now this one and I fink that everyone is going to fink we have the totally awesomest house in the whole wide universe and mom what if we had like the biggest house that was bigger than all the other houses and buildings and it went way up to the sky like 90 hundred thousaaand? that would be the coalest."

He is fighting his two Robins and one hits the other and he says "oh yeah you just got scrambled"

They are watching toy story two on the way to the store and the part comes on that says ride like the wind bulls eye and he says "mom the wind cant run" ( I think he thought it said run like the wind but hey the wind cant ride either).

Dave was talking to Ella on Skype this morning and he asked Ella if she was going to get ready for school and she had just been talking and laughing and she suddenly covers her head and puts a sad face on and says my stomach and my head hurt. We started laughing and she tried to hide behind the table so we couldn't see her laughing.

Sam is playing over at Nellies and she called me to tell me what he just said.
O.M. GOSH in kind of a valley girl voice. She said he said it twice. I have no idea where he would have even heard that especially since I hate the omg thing.

Neve went to the dr. the other day and Sam went over to my mom and dads to entertain them. He is usually quite successful at that. When he got home he climbed up on the couch next to Neve and kissed her on the cheek and said in his sweety taking to Neve voice "how was the Dr. did you get the shot?"
I keep wondering when Sam will stop seeming so funny and start seeming like a big nerd. Maybe when he grows a foot or two. As long as he keeps taking an interest in everyone elses lives he can be the Nerd who cares.

Have I mentioned the fact that my youngest love love loves to scream? Its high pitched too. Sarah how did you pass this gene to her? I already deal with the volume gene in this house and now pitch........ahhhhhhh.


Jenn said...

Ugg... I know how all that is. I'm the same way the fewer the trips the better. And nothing worse than liquid spills on hardwood;( You have a screamer too? Maybe we could get yours and mine together to see if they could break glass or something cool. I have a feeling I will need hearing aids sooner than I care to think about. Your kids are so cute I love how Sam is so sweet.

The Peton's said...

Sam needs to be a sports radio announcer when he grows up. He does terrific play-by-plays.

I'm like you with the grocery thing. 3 gallons in one hand. We're amazing like that.

Once when I was about 12-ish, I was pushing the Hansen grocery cart out to the car from the Albertsons. Remember those tall, flat carts with the front that opens? I pushed it off the curb, the front opened, and all 4 gallons of milk splooshed all over the place. Including my dad's shoes and pants. I got in trouble. But I didn't have to clean it up. It just ran down the parking lot.

Angie said...

It is really hard to not cry over spilled milk. (ha ha, that was cheesy) One time the Jared helped me bring in the groceries and somehow a gallon of mild was left in the back of the burb for one night and it wasn't winter, yuck.

Can Sam come and entertain me? He would have fun with Jack.

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