Saturday, March 6, 2010


I think she has grown tired of corn dogs for lunch
She is my best eater so far and I find it so cute when she does this simple task of eating as if it somehow makes her seem super smart or something. My other children are dense and underestimate eating and the wonderful art of sleeping. Neve totally gets all this.
Intelligence is her super power. And maybe a giantous mouth.
I also feel a little sad that she has never had a pillow and mistook this paper plate for one.

I picked the kids up from a sleepover with grandma and grandpa because I had a girls night at my house the night before. On our way home
Sam says: Mom, how did your party go?
I said: great, thanks for asking Sam
Sam says: Your welcome.

I wonder if he truly wondered how my party went................he's an odd little dude

Sam is having a fit about keeping his seatbelt on because we are taking Daves car to the store and he doesn't like that. He mostly hates Dave's car because once there was some of Dave's underwear for going to the gym in the car and Sam was disgusted by that so he can't let it die. The undies were even clean. Anyway I start counting to three for him to stop freaking out and he stops at 2. About 15 minutes later from the backseat he says "hey mom, why dont you count to four? becuz i'n four"

Correction: Underestimated eating, at a young age, now Logan fully embraces it


Tweet said...

I happened across your blog tonight and I have to say, you are a funny writer. And it sounds like your children are just as funny. Thanks for the entertainment tonight. You made me smile and I needed it :)

The Peton's said...

Underwear in Daves car - that's great! I think my girls would get a kick out of finding a pair of tighties in their dad's car. Maybe I should plant some there just to see what happens. . .

Lisa said...

Too great!! All of this post. And Happy Freakin Birthday!!!!!!

Mama H. said...

Hoping to see you in person today, but want to wish you a happy b-day. By the way, grandpa and grandma probably had more fun than the kids at the sleepover.

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