Sunday, March 28, 2010

I just got us into a little place called, um... Harryhausen's.

I finally tried it!!!
Seems to be the new thing (kind of like coffee was a while know......trendy)
I'm a super trendy girl so I gave it my version of a whirl
Sushi.........okay really just the long rolls and i'm not hip on my sushi talk so i'm not sure if that is technically sushi.
Jamie chose the place (Simply Sushi) and then I just let her order (she is not a fish fan so I trusted her).
Here were the contents of my stomach had I died and they did an autopsy

San Francisco Long Roll
King Kong Tempura Long Roll
Irish Veggie Long Roll
Mango Tango Long Roll
Plenty of soy sauce
Some Shrimp guy that looked somewhat like a turkey birthing a wad of rice (appetizing I know)
and the only thing that would have seemed normal in my stomach
Coke (which i haven't had for a while and my stomach made a sigh of relief like the return of an old friend after the bombardment of foreign objects some call food).

The Verdict as I told it to Dave who was surprised at my lunch choice but then again not surprised. (When Jamie and I are together he is never surprised by what we may or may not do).
I didn't hate it
although there were moments of small bits of bile trying to make their way up but that may have mostly been because they seated me right in front of the octopus or squid or whatever in the crap suction cup creature that was. The seaweed kicked my butt a bit too. Is this not the thing we are disgusted by when we come up out of the ocean and it is clinging to our swim suit or leg? Yes, yes it is. Now lets eat it...................not only is English jacked up, humans are jacked up with some of the things we eat. Oh look this giant green thing was up my nose, why not pop it into my mouth? Yes, why not?
I didn't love it (as I just made abundantly clear)
and I said "I would never crave it but maybe would eat it like once every five years or longer". That made Dave laugh.
I'm glad to say I tried it
So thanks Jamie, who will never read this, for helping me with my first experience in sushiism.
I do like the little hooks under the counter for my purse though, that was neat.
I got a good laugh from one thing though.
They had these cups that say "siempre Coca Cola" ha ha ha ha
its like the time we drove past a chinese dive that said "we delivery".
I am unsure if this is just a coincidence but my stomach has been in a crazy mess of upset since about an hour after that new food was introduced to it. Hmmmmm!!!

Sam Yesterday: ahhhh i wish i could live on a cloud.
I was searching for a park in Pleasant Grove that I had driven by randomly a few years ago and I was determined to find it. I said "im lost' ella got nervous and then sam said "lets call the cops and ask them where the park is" is this a warranted emergency? I did eventually find the park, Im like an old hound dog when it comes to stuff like that.
Sam today: is freaking out and demanding that he cannot be in the office with Neve because she has food on her shirt. Its a stain but he cannot handle things of this nature so Dave has to change her to a new onsie before Sam will allow her to be in is highnesses presence.
(Still kinda cute, quirky, funny but what will it become.......Im nervous for this)


Chad said...

I hate sushi.

The Wingwah's said...

I really wanted to like it... but, alas, the seaweed just made me ill. Though it was cheap sushi from Target, so maybe that was my problem. I really LOVE everything else in it, just the seaweed is SO strong it overpowered the whole thing.

Angie said...

Was it the Discovery Park you were looking for?

I want to like sushi. Jared loves it and I want to be a little trendy too. My gag reflex is too strong and I have yet to swallow a bite without having the dry heaves. Kudos to you.

I love Jamie.

Hendricksonblog said...

Yes it was and i looked for your phone number to have you help me out but I didnt have it in my phone.

Nichole said...

It's the seaweed that gets to me...and the raw fish...and the crunch fish eggs. I went through a two month obsession and then decided I don't like it.

Brian said...

Did you at least have some Wasabi with your soy sauce? There's nothing better than a huge hit of Wasabi to start your day

The Peton's said...

Sushi is ok. But not one of those foods that tastes great anytime - like oreos. I'm amazed you went for it. You are a hater of fish. Good job, April!

Hendricksonblog said...

Tried Wasabi once at a grocery store and I shot that covered peanut 20 feet across the produce section. Not my finest no is the answer to that.

Rachel said...

Ah sushi how I love you. I'm a wimp when it comes to heat, but a little wasabi mixed with your soy sauce to dunk your sushi in is divine.

From my experience sushi is a slippery slope. It takes a few times to like it, and then before you know it you want to eat it all the time. And I don't even like fish. But sushi doesn't have that fishy taste/smell. It is pretty pricey though.....

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