Monday, March 1, 2010

as glad as I can be

Poor Ella. Dave went to China and she misses him so much. It would have been easier for her if I would have been the one to go. Last night she had a breakdown and bawled her eyes out for at least and hour and a half. I Skyped Dave so he could talk to her and he was so cute with her that it made me so sad for her that I started to cry so I went into my room and waited for her so she didnt see me cry because that would have made her worse. A little earlier I tucked Logan in and he was making fun of her because he thought she was crying because they watched LOST and it was kind of scary. I told him she was crying because she misses Dad and he got all teary and hid under his blanket. I tried to get Ella to listen to primary music but she said in a sob "I cant listen to it because it will talk about a Daaad" and proceeded to bawl even more.
BiiiiiZaster is what Sam would say.
I'm a little worried about this girl when she gets older and the emotions kick in...........I will definitely be the one going to China then.
So Ella woke up with very swollen eyes but she slept well in Daves spot even without her CPap. I am mean and dont let my kids sleep in my bed when he is gone because I feel like its my vacation to have the whole bed to myself. I shouldn't fool anyone though, I pretty much take up the whole bed either way. I believe everyone needs their own king sized bed and a bunch of blankets and pillows and a fan and all the heater vents closed so its a cool 50 degrees in their room in order to get proper rest. Oh yeah and like 9 hours of dark and silence and maybe some tylenol pm or nyquil. Not too much to ask.
I don't have the heart to tell her that his trip has been extended almost a week.

So Logan just informed me of this
L: Mom did you know that you pretty much have to know a lot of a foreign language to get accepted to college?
Me: You just have to take so many classes, they don't test you on how well you speak
L: Do you think I could like just speak English with a British accent and call that good?
I laugh and he grins at his own humor.
I'm so glad we pay for Charm school, its working.

When Dave returns there will be so many changes around here
1. All the things in the file will actually be filed (halfway checked)
2. Neve will not drink bottles anymore.. (check)
3. I will have proven that Sam doesnt need someone to lay by him in order to go to sleep (check)
4. I will also prove that if you dont lay by him and then sneak away after he is asleep, then he wont wake up in the night and come get in your bed. (check)
5. The blinker on Daves car will work (check)
6. I will be 34 which i hope will be better to my ankles than 33 was.
7. I will have built 500 cables, boxed them and delivered them to one of his customers (check)
8. I will have successfully made it through two Sundays alone at Church with big mouth magoo yelling whenever she damn well feels like it. (this may be a lofty goal).
9. I will prove that I can help the kids with Piano when I "have" to. Booooooo!!!
10. I might just appreciate him a little bit more and realize that I don't actually do everything around here, of course he will not know that............we dont want him getting too full of himself now, do we?


Liz said...

That made me cry. I feel bad for poor little Ella.

Amy said...

Oh April, sweet little Ella, that makes me want to cry, what a cute little daddies girl. I don't know how you do it, that's such a long time away. Hope he's having fun, but gets home soon. Good luck girl but it sounds like you've got things more than under control!

The Peton's said...

You make me laugh! That sounds like my sleeping philsophy.

When Neal went to China for a month, I joined him for 3 weeks. I just had the 2 kids at the time, but I don't think they cried. They partied it up in Utah. Next time, you should go. You should ask Angie about her China trips for work. She will make you laugh your head off!

Good luck on that to do list. You're an animal!

Nichole said...

Oh goll if Ava were to break down like that when Christian was gone that would be my undoing. I am already near to tears the whole time he is gone and Ava crying WOULD NOT help!! I don't know how you have him gone so long...a week drives me MAD and I couldn't go longer!!

Lisa said...

i say you look on the bright side and think of all you will have checked off. i should leave and make brian make a list of 10 wonderful things to have done before i get home. i have a week plus time away and would come home to some great improvements. not too shabby for dave. have ella make her own list and see if that helps her get through it. she can tell dave all she accomplished/ did while he was gone.
ps your last comment (on my blog) made me laugh literally out loud (LLOL)

Julia said...

Send a bit of your energy and gumption my way, pretty please. Happy Birthday to you and your ankles.

Hendricksonblog said...

well i figure I either get some things checked off my list or I blow out the Bejeweled score, oh wait, i have time for both because its not like I can go anywhere. Whos idea were all these kids anyway.
Ella is doing much better but Dave just added 4 more days to his 4 more days..
I thought Ella was all teared out but she squoze out a few more tonight, maybe that humidifier on her cpap gives her more fluid for tears. Id better turn that off.
I added more to my list in case anyone worried about me running out of stuff to do, I even made a shopping list. I like lists with little boxes by the side to check off.

Angie said...

You should of been sending Dave to China sooner, that's why you got all them kids!

I should make lists....that could be my problem?

Lisa said...

just remind dave there is to be no karaoke!!! Especially him being gone for so long. i would love to give you my list if i could. i have a lot of "spring cleaning" crap that needs to be done.

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