Friday, February 19, 2010

Mas saM

Conversations of a 4 year old and his not smart enough Mom
We knew from the start that he would b a thinker

Hey Sam What did you learn at preschool today?
S: Well we had five parts to preschool and I dont like the first part, that is why I cry. I like the second part and the third part and the fourth part and I really like the 5th part because that is where we go to the porch and wait for our Mom to come.
Me: Your pretty smart huh?
S: I'n really smart and I knowed all the reptangles and I colored all of them and I circled all the sixes. Some kids dont know all the reptangles and some kids do. Mom why am I so smart?
Me: I dont know, maybe because you got mine and Dads brains (im mostly saying this because Dave is very "confident" in his intelligence level).
S: Um no because you are not enough smart because you dont know which reptangles to color at preschool and you dont know all the sixes to circle. I fink ,, I fink, I fink I am soo smart too because I eat a lot of food.

Sam wants to play a game and I am batman and he is superman (little figures). He makes up the rules and I am fully aware that the rules can change at any time to benefit him. We are pretending to shoot each other and whoever falls in the hole dies. I dont really want to play this game so batman falls into the hole very quickly. Sam says "oh yeah Mom you are not good at this game but you got 55 points and I got ninety hundred" I say "thats okay Sam, do you know that I love you so much?"(trying to change his train of thought so he doesnt ask me to play this game again) Sam says "I love you too mom but you are not really smart because you lose games". next time I will keep shooting even if I dont want to play.....DIE Superman!!!

I type and Sam says: Mom you typed all that in like one second...........HOLY FREAKIN' GOSH.....that is fast. ( I wonder if he has older siblings)
So this kid does his share of tearing me down but he quickly builds me back up
Is this some form of Emotional Abuse?

this morning Sam carries his bowl to the sink but he is walking on his tippy toes the whole way (maybe because the tile is cold on his bare feet)
I say "hey Sam I dont think Dad will like it very much if you walk on your tippy toes all the time when you get older"
Dave: "NO, I WILL NOT"
I once knew a guy who did the tippy toe walk............yeah, not very handsome on a man.


Becky said...

Imagine my suprise last saturday when I see a kid on the bball court with a face I recognize even though I have never met him. I leaned over to Derek and said, "I know that kid but I don't know why." Then I figured it out. He belongs to April. Only you were no where to be found. I DID NOT recognize Dave right a way. Wow! He's thin and trim! I alctually recognized what I heard before what I saw. His voice hasn't changed a bit. You've got a great little ball player there (and an great coach too!)

The Peton's said...

I fink, I fink, that your Sam is very cute. And I hope he grows out of the tipped toed walk. That could get him beat up.

Hendricksonblog said...

Funny thing Becky is he came home and said who did Becky Bezzant marry and I told him and then he said im not sure which kid was theirs so i hopped on your blog to show him.
Me too natalie me too

Angie said...

Sam is fun. I remember a boy who walked or did more of a bounce on his toes in high school, don't let Sam walk on his tippy toe.

Hernandez Family said...

I wish eating a lot of food made you smart! I would be pretty dang smart.

DJ and Gin Family said...

I fink a boy would be great if i could have a Sam (minus the tippy toe walk).

Nichole said...

That kid is such a hoot! And he is handsome to top it off!!

Lisa said...

That Sam I am that Sam I am. I do so like that Sam I am.

Rachel said...

Sam is such a funny kid. You have many more years of funny one liners in your future. Oh and children can totally be emotionally abusive! Have you ever considered suing for compensation? Just saying.

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