Monday, February 15, 2010

You're playin' with your food, this ain't some kind of game

Dum da da dum, introducing...........the art of Dipping Sauce
She didn't eat a single fry
In fact, she resorted to using part of the highchair to dip because it had more surface space than a fry.
She is a sick little puppy so I just spoiled her with fry sauce.
She spent from 1-6 am screaming her guts out.
Needless to say she has goop coming out of one ear today and I am assuming the other tube has fallen out and that is what all the crying was about..........PAIN!!!
Poor little rat, she's got the pukes too.
I usually never ask this but, When is Spring???


Liz said...

She's just like Halle. She can eat the whole container of fry sauce with one fry.

Amy said...

Holy cow she is darling!!! And who wouldn't love fry sauce. HOpe she gets feeling better,

The Wingwah's said...

fry sauce? I just thought those were little shot glasses full of liquid gold. mmm.

Lisa said...

Maybe Luke will be able to run some garbage out of his ear. ( I'll keep my fingers crossed) It would make me love him again. Seeing how I was up listening to him cry his head off from 12 til 4 and I am not so lucky to have it be an ear problem. Just a horrible personality problem. He has been doing this EVERY night since we have been home from Disneyland. Maybe I have traumatized him and he is having nightmares. Yeah that must be it. I guess I will love him again if that is it. Neve looks grown up with the little care clip!!

The Peton's said...

Those fries look so so good. That's all I'm thinking about right now.

Chad said...

Ground hog said 6 more weeks till Spring. But that was two weeks ago, so we are down to 4. Smart little ground hog.

vtracker said...

Haha, she's cute..
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