Friday, February 12, 2010

This must be just Like living in paradise

Neve discovering snow.
She stood there for about 45 minutes squealing and pointing.

Angi had these made of her kids a long time ago at Disneyland and I have coveted them ever since. I love baby profiles along with baby bums. I finally had one made while we were there. I'm not sure how this lady does them so well.
This is my new dresser that i have been searching for, for about 10 years. I finally found one I could commit to and it matches my other stuff so well that also took me so long to commit to. Me and furniture have commitment issues. I am currently walking around with $300 in gift cards to Pier 1 because I cannot commit to a chair yet for my room. Soon I think, very soon.
(the mirror didn't take any more than one second to snatch up, sometimes its love at first sight)
On to the title of my post. Every boys greatest dream. Naked, video games, cute chick in their room, sports and all that is missing is a cool can of Coca Cola. ahhhhhhhhhhh


The Peton's said...

I, too, have commitment issues with furniture. That's why I hardly have any. Love the dresser. Looks great. And the mirror.

I like to play video games naked on my bed, too. Paradise, for reals!

Hernandez Family said...

I have commitment issues with clothes, and so does Sam appearently.

Lisa said...

It makes me sad I never got my kids (mostly boys) faces done. It is really soooo cute. Lets see 7 years for us to get a kitchen table 9 years for our headboard hmmm middle child problems?? I don't know what it is. Good naked and bad naked.....enjoy it while you can little sam!!!

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