Tuesday, February 9, 2010

theres so much that we share

On our way there I wanted to see the St. George Temple so Dave decided that could count as their "religion" for the day. I wonder if we can have that kind more often. We went to JB's for breakfast and Logan said "what if people see us and get the wrong idea?" He says all these things in a smart A sarcastic way and sometimes doesn't even realize he is being funny.
This is my token "Linda" shot where there has to be a person in the picture with the plants. She looks cute and I am a fan of this outfit but look how it coordinates so well with these ornamentals. I like these cabbagy plants because even if there are bugs on them I know they aren't to eat so I keep my appetite in tact.
I put one of these on my upper lip to be Adolf so Sam decided to make a sticky game of it, and to think we are only a few hours in.
Dave found this ratty lookin' kid in the parking lot and we were afraid to touch him. He must have come out of a dumpster or at least something resembling one.
Day one at Disneyland................waiting in line..................to wait in another line...........to wait in a mob of chaos and Asians filling every inch you leave around yourself. No judging, just factual.
I so suck at taking good pictures. Here they are trying to get a glimpse of something.
There's something about Maps. It's that damned DORA......brainwashing I say. I cannot tell you how many maps we ended up with and really, can Ash and Sam even read????
Day 2, Neve finds the dispenser of fun. Who needs PEZ? I let her and Dave thought I was irresponsible until he saw how much fun she was having. Silly housekeeper just kept refilling the thing. I guess I should plant a tree.

Ella making the F an E
A common seating arrangement made possible by Ashlyn. I think she thinks he's cute. I think she is cute and I discussed with her that when Logan gets home from a mission she will only be 15 and therefore too young for him. I asked her if she would be upset if Brinlie married Logan and she said she would and then she told Logan she was going to kiss him right now and proceeded to tackle him for her kiss with him fighting her off and laughing. I told her the prophet said not to date just one boy and she replied "the prophet said love everyone" She got me there. I later found out that she thinks if you kiss then you are married. Clever girl. She is not married in case any little 6 year old boys were worried.
This picture has to by far be the weirdest picture of these two and therefore post worthy.
On Day three we did Breakfast at Goofy's kitchen. It was fun but my pictures of it are crap except one video that I am too "compassionate" to share. Logan ripped pieces of the paper tablecloth off to get autographs that he is now using as a bookmark in James and the Giant Peach
How can you not be happy when you are around her ?(wink wink)
My favorite ride at Disneyland. I really like Song of the South and own a pirated version of it from Europe or some great place that my BFF has been to (I live vicariously through Jamie because she travels and she pretends that she is living that way through me because I clean butts and noses all day......but I think she is lying.....) If you don't know this movie, you should. I think it is not made anymore because it has slaves in it or something silly but this ride is made from that movie. Oh, the vast knowledge I provide here is amazing
Okay I think I win for the weirdest looking Alice too. What do you say? My ariel wins from two years ago......yiiiiiiikes!!!!

Neve by the N. I didn't dare let her out for fear that she might have thought it was an option.
High School Musical 3 gayness!!! Look at little Lukes hand sticking out waiting for his high five. Ella's hand up like that reminds me of old footage of girls watching Elvis and crying. I dont think she cried but she was sick that day and began the germs o pukage. (She threw up all night Tuesday night, I think it was Tuesday). I left the park Wednesday with a migraine so no pictures of that day but its not like they would have been anything to shout about anyway by the looks of things.
Haunted Mansion.............Ash went with Logan................Brave little squirt!!! Too bad she's not a touch taller.
A pile of fake smiles and we got on this ride in 2 minutes. Anyone familiar with this ride? It can take a very long time to get a turn. I highly recommend Jan/Feb for this trip.
Yes, her mouth is that big. She spent a lot of time screeching in the car. She got volume from her daddy unfortunately it is in a really high pitch. Now I'm going to call my sister Sarah when she is screaming so she knows how we feel when we talk to her on the phone.
Sams favorite ride
it used to be winnie the pooh. He's so grown up
My very favorite photo of the whole trip. I have one just like this of Sam at our last trip to Disneyland standing by a window. We are not crazy hippies and fully believe in clothing but seriously, what is cuter than a baby bum? I do like a lot of hippie styles and music though but lets keep the bras ladies. We could burn high heels instead or anything with any sort of a heel for that matter.
Reminds me of The Shining, which is creepy but true. It also reminds me of the Haunted Mansion and Hollywood Tower of Terror. I find hotel hallways to be more frightening than most other things that people might find scary. Those kids at the end are cute though and aren't ghosts just to clear that up.
Neve's first mickey ears. I like Madras stuff and they will match her room perfectly where they will happily reside on her wall.
For those that had never heard of Neve I will say that the lady standing next to the one running the machine that puts this on the hat was like 90 years old and said, as our lady struggled to understand what I was saying, "you know like Neve Campbell". Thank you 90 year old lady!!!
Our last day was a downpour but the kids and Dads still braved the weather for quite a while in their sub par ponchos. Lisa and I went shopping that evening in the rain and enjoyed the childless splendor. Neither of us are much on shopping but I loved every minute of it. Fireworks were canceled which I hated but oh well I guess no one wants Tink to get struck by lightning.

Saturday brought more bad weather and some terrible driving conditions. We saw an SuV on fire, lots of little wrecks, a semi in a ravine after crossing our side of the highway. We decided to forgo our stay in St George since Logan began the barfing on the way home and Sam had a fever and and and and the storm was following us. Your welcome HoJo for your free $65.

Ahhhhh and we arrived safely and mostly soundly and unpacked the stench and I began my work while coming down with the same crap the kids had(One of those words could be highlighted but I shall leave that to the imagining).

It was fun and memorable and fun..............Did I say fun? The kids were great. We only lost 2 kids but good people who took pity on us were returning our children before we even knew they were gone. There still are good people in the world. There were some dirtbags there too but I dont want to take away from the lovelyness of this post by giving them a moment.

Last side note: There were a few times when only one husband was near us and we got "the" look, you know the one. Are they Polygamist? Where are their braids? and their jeans under their dresses? Are they from Herriman?

So much to say, so much to remember but if I want anyone ever to make my blog into a book (wink wink again) i must stop for fear they wont be able to afford the 7000 pages it might take.

Can it possibly be the happiest place on earth? I dont know, go ask your Chad.


The Bronson Bunch said...

Sounds like the perfect vacation aside from the vomiting. I hope you are all feeling better!

Aimee said...

Oh I am jealous. I need a Disneyland week or two. Man that Neve is cute. And as for Logan and Ash - my 37 year old sister has been dating everyone from 28 to 40 so apparently age doesn't matter. And that way you and Lisa can be sisters-in-law and make everyone jealous of your bff relationship. He he.

I love Disney posts. It could have gone on for another 7000 pages and I would've read it all.

P.S. Looks like you did okay with all 1000 babies.

P.S.S. We won't be in St. George this year for Easter so if you need some help, I would be happy (cause it's like tomorrow).

Angie said...

Not going to lie to you but I ususlly skip the posts on vacations not just yours but everybody's, so boring, but this was a good one. I giggled. You would be fun to just follow around and watch. And yes, baby bums are the cutest.

Chad said...

You know what I love about the picture you call the "weirdest of these two" is my favorite because if you look close in the background, some guy is "mouth wide opening" your back ground! Classic.

Can you rip me a copy of Song of the South? Please. I have wanted that for years!

I do not think Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth. Sorry. I love the place, I can't wait to be there again, but anyway, I have a long theory that explains my thoughts on this, but probably should not do it here in a comment box.

The Peton's said...

That Alice looked like she had some problems. I'm not a fan. Poor girl, applied to be a princess and they said, "You can be Alice."

Sorry about the barf situation. But it's not a real vacation unless someone gets sick and barfs. Looks like you guys had fun. One of these days we'll get there. I haven't been since I was 18 and my husband has never been. How's that for pathetic?

The Wingwah's said...

Even though we were there just 7 months ago, I miss it already. It was the bestest, and can't wait until we go again in like 3 years. (how's that for pathetic? having to plan that far in advance)
Neve does have a freakishly large mouth-hole, but she's so cute i'll overlook it.
We also have a similar vacation naked bum pic of Faye in Moab. I think she might even have been going up a ladder... hmmm.
Hey... i just enlarged your ugly Alice (i'm rude) and she was our weird-looking Tinkerbell. Funny!

The Wingwah's said...

and I LOVE Neve's mouse ears!

Hendricksonblog said...

Lisa claimed she kept seeing the same face on different princesses and I thought she was full of crap but maybe she is right. Oh and Chad of course you can have a copy but it is VHS, do you have the magic machine that can change it. Jamie had to pay some guy under the table to even copy her copy. (she's a good friend even if she never calls or writes)

Chad said...

Do VHS still exist? I thought they all self-destructed during Y2K.

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