Sunday, February 7, 2010

Just me again (Sam)

Logan was going over to my moms to watch the Superbowl with Adam.
Later Ella said "where did Logan go"
and sam said "to watch that super boat show" (Dave must not have had enough influence on him yet)

Sam threw his underwear toward me while getting him in his Pjs.
I caught them mid air and he said "that was a great catch mom" and I said "thanks" and he said "mom you forgotta say great throw because it was a good throw"

We are back from Disneyland and I am doing laundry that is peed and puked in on top of mildewy wet smelling and just the regular old stinky worn clothing smell. LUCKY LUCKY ME!!!
I'm working on keeping a migraine at bay and my only med available is nyquil. Apparently its not working.

Good Tip that I forgot who I heard it from: Gallon ziplocks in the car in front of every child for vomit sakes. Logan filled 4 on the ride home yesterday. Luckily I took the tip one step further and brought the whole box. I was determined to throw the puke bombs on any California driver who cut us off and go figure no one did, until we were getting off highway 201 in UTAH that is. Lucky for the fool I had thrown them out at Arbys in Vegas. Poor emtier of trash at Arbys.

My disneyland post is forthcoming but this is all I can muster today but don't let this post fool you into thinking we had a bad time.

au contraire mon frere


Liz said...

So what did you think of the HoJo in St. George? I thought it was a little scary. I guess for one night it was OK. Did you like the Portofino?

Brian, Laurel & Addison said...

Lucky girl. Your kids make me laugh as much as Nat's kids do.

You heard the ziploc tip from Nat-Kate is a barfer in the car.

Hendricksonblog said...

I didnt notice the HoJo to be too bad but I was so tired I dont know that I even paid attention. I always bring my own blankets and pillow because Im weird about that. the portofino was fine and it was nice for the kids to have their own bed. The poor housekeeper that had to go in that stench infested room after my kids nights of barfing though. I think that place must have been kind of gross before if that was the remodel huh?

Hendricksonblog said...

Ps laurel I did see Natalies post on that and remembered the ziplock kind this time but i read it in a magazine or something long ago and always used grocery bags which always have holes. I like hearing that Kate has the problem too because all of my kids do that except Sam. Puke does not phase me anymore. Also we make the boys pee in bottles with caps so we dont have to stop......hey no judging Logan has a bladder the size of a pea. HF got confused on his p's while creating him.

Chad said...

Haha. You don't really make your kids pee in bottles. Do you?

The Peton's said...

Oh yeah. The gallon zip lock barf bombs. I always feel sorry for janitors who have to empty our trail of barf bombs we've deposited at every stop along I-84. Sorry for your experience, but glad you make the most of it.

I remember when Reese was little we were stuck in so cal traffic and he had to pee in a cup. He thought it was awesome!

Angie said...

I just threw up a little bit reading all of this.

Hendricksonblog said...

Yes Chad, yes I do!!!

Aimee said...


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