Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gooli Gooli Gooli Gooli Ram Sam Sam

Sam looking at french fries, "Mom french fries are junk food, Ella told me that so I am not going to eat them because I dont like junk food".
Me, "hey Sam you know what else is junk food?.............................Doughnuts" (he loves doughnuts)
Sam says, "Well, but, but doughnuts are good".
My kids have never been fans of french fries which I think is a bit odd but then again fries are not a novelty like they were to me as a kid so maybe they don't appreciate them like we did. I won't complain about them not eating fries though.
Sam eats his cereal dry and then drinks a cup of milk after. I guess if he just wiggles its like a bowl of cereal in his belly.
I turned Neve around in her carseat even though it is cheating a little. The seat is much more stable in the frontward position. She screeches like she is on a ride and smiles the whole time in the car. I hope she feels so lucky on the long ride to California.
Took her to the Doc and she is a whopping 4% for weight. She must take after me........haha.
I have told people before when they mention that my kids are small that they take after me. The look they give me is priceless, I wish i could post those looks here.


Angie said...

I do the same thing! People will say how skinny Zoe is or how little her legs are and I respond exactly the same and I just giggle at how I get looked up and down. I love messing with people.

job said...
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