Thursday, January 21, 2010

When I grow up and get married, I'm living alone.

This girl is starting to run me ragged. I have never had a naughty baby but I should have never said never. Seems like I named her well too. She Never stops!!! One thing to the next, every time I turn around. She figured out how to open things with her teeth (wonder where she got those teeth of steel) and she opened the soft scrub today and while I was putting it back she got on the keyboard and when I took her down from there she went to Sam's room to sit on the Cars table and when she was done with that she went into my room, found some CD,s and then took them to the kitchen and plopped herself and the 2 CD's right in my warming drawer in the bottom of the oven. Yesterday she emptied half the pantry and brought a coke to me she found in there. I didnt give in and I didnt let her drink it..............I did not drink it either.....but I want to now just talking about it makes my salivate.
I hope reading it makes other people tired because rethinking it makes me tired all over again.
Is it 8 oclock yet?
Messy Marvin is going to be her new name.
I just plain old birthed one of Nellie's know...........the naughty kind.
Yesterday there were some stomach issues at this house and Sam had a little accident partially in the tub and partially on the toilet and when I came in to help him he said "Mom I got some problems, a bunch of problems"


Aimee said...

Your little angel transistioned fast from good to evil. Erin lasted a little longer than that. Guess that means you will hafta have another 'cause you can't stop till you have the "perfect baby."

p.s. good to know I'm not the only one thinking about LuLu all the time when I only know her through Julia.

Brian, Laurel & Addison said...

Ya, I gots some problems too!

You are just so funny-even though your hectic house may not be funny to you, I sure get a kick out of it because it's not me...yet.

Angie said...

Just put Neve on a leash and let her dangle around in a small radius. That should work. Tell Sam we call it Soupy poop. Poor little boy.

The Peton's said...

Yeah, I'd say Sam has some problems. Those are crappy problems.

Ok April. Our youngest children are clones of each other. You just described about 15 minutes of my day. Seriously. All of that stuff happens in 15 minutes. Already this morn, the front room and hallway are covered with 3 pairs of shoes from my closet, 2 naked barbies, a gorilla and dinosaur, the remote control is seriously lost, and she's emptied my bag of empty "recycle me" diet coke cans. She's trying to drink the last drops from them. Trashy.

Hendricksonblog said...

Oh yeah natalie when I read your post I was in the middle of doing mine and I laughed but I totally forgot to mention the recycle can problem. They spill every last drop out of any can or bottle in there all over the floor. Im about to go ungreen and throw it in the regular garbage but Im sure she already knows where that is so it would be fruitless..

Chad said...

You should just start beating them. Wooden spoons are on sell at Target.

Lisa said...

I must start by saying this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE movie quote. I say it weekly maybe daily around here!!!! Seriously I am not even kidding.
Anyway back to your little adorable. This makes me want to blog my life more. This is what I feel every post would be though. I also think in my head A LOT "I made my family disappear!!" I don't say that one at loud though. There are tooooo many movie quotes from that precious movie!!!! Good luck. I don't think we should let Tanner and Neve play with each other they could do some serious damage!!

Hernandez Family said...

This post is a good reminder why mobility is a bad thing.

Poor Sam, we call it squishy poo at our house!

The Wingwah's said...

hershey squirts anyone?

And THAT is why i'm done. Well, maybe not just that, but it helps. Messes are not my friend. But cheetos are.

Hendricksonblog said...

Yes Lisa this title was strictly for you.

McNett Family Blog said...

Maybe if we get Neve and Kason together to play they will cancel each other out. Kason never stops getting into things either. We have that same train table and he is always sitting or standing on it. She is so cute.

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