Tuesday, January 26, 2010

and I— I took the one less traveled by

I saved my last post as a draft because I decided my opinion, although valid, does not need to be shouted from the rooftops. Oh how I want to shout my opinion just that way so often but this time I won't. If only to keep good neighbors. That is enough reason. I have had enough issues with some neighbors as it is. I am not usually very calm when attacked verbally and I can be kind of mean if provoked or talked "down" to. I have a feeling with the way things get around that my post will make its way back to ears it wasn't meant for (or eyes I guess).
These are my transgressions
Scenario 1:While pregnant with Sam I was out in the backyard (before it was fenced) pulling weeds and the neighbor behind me had many weeds so I started pulling his up and just leaving them where they lay as I pull (this is how I do it and i clean up last) well anyway he came out and said "I hope you aren't throwing those in my yard" in a very rude way. Well I went a little ape$$%#^ and said in an equally snotty way "they're your weeds" and then I left them there instead of cleaning them up like i had previously planned (i showed him........not really) so after I was not pregnant and a little less hormonal mean I went and apologized to him for the way I acted.

Scenario 2: While pregnant with Sam I was hauling gravel from my neighbors yard to mine since her dad did my concrete and he decided to leave it in her yard. She was mad at me and decided to come out and give me a piece of her ornery mind about what a jerk and how dishonest she thought Dave was.................well I pulled out my can of whoop a#@$# and gave her a piece of my sweaty exhausted hormonal pregnant mind and she quickly scurried in the house while yelling profanities at me. I later (non pregnant) went and apologized for the way I acted.

Scenario 3: While pregnant with Sam, some guy was racing down the street so I told him to slow down so he stopped, exited his car and proceed to "call me on". Yes no joke. I stayed where I was and i think he then was a little worried about how to proceed with this crazy lunatic pregnant woman. He said many profane things to me and then took off in his car. My mouth was not kind either although not nearly so profane. Later, non pregnant April walked past him on the street and apologized for the way she acted. He apologized too and was very nice. Later I found out he was dealing drugs in our neighborhood which might explain his crazed state to begin with.

Is there a common theme here?
Probably not

Scenario 4: A mean ornery bus driver was yelling at me and being very disrespectful because I was parked in an area that he felt like was his even though the principal said we could pick our kids up there. He tried to trap me in with his big old bus. So I said mean things and drove over the curb. Poor Katie was mortified and now that I think of it I am a little too. I was not pregnant with Sam.

What is the common theme then?

I do not deal well with people talking "down" to me or speaking to me in a disrespectful tone. I lose it and sometimes I am not proud of that but other times I am extremely proud of it.
What can a person do?
Another one of my neighbors is pushing his luck right now with his incessant calling of the police. So if you live in our hood remember that there has been a boy crying wolf here for a very long time so dont be surprised if the police dont come when something "real" is going on.

Here I go again.
I might have to Save as Draft here again.
ahhh he's probably too old for blogs if not Im sure theres a blog police he can call..
Oh dear sweet Heavenly Father why was I born with such a large dose of testosterone?
and while Im asking, why dont people understand the inner workings of the pregnant womans emotional state?


Brian said...

So, did you ever tell off the Garbage man? Or is that battle in the "cold war" stage?

Chad said...

Anger! Wow. Is it bad that I love it. You should buy roman candles from Wyoming and come back home and send one of your kids over to knock on the doors, then time it just right so when they answer the doors, roman candled launch into their house. No I have never done this.

Hendricksonblog said...

No for the G man because he approached me respectfully and I was not pregnant with Sam and he could have just chucked me in that truck and by the time anyone knew i would be stink in the landfill.
Chad I am intrigued with these roman candles. Information documented.
Im afraid this post makes me seem mean. I think I am nice most of the time, just not to jerks.
Moral: Dont be a jerk to me or any of the peeps I like.

Hendricksonblog said...

ok your right
the real moral is for me never ever to get pregnant again with Sam.
I think he is so sweet because I sucked up all the mean.

Brian, Laurel & Addison said...

I think being pregnant with Sam is your common threat. I too cannot stand to be talked down to just because the other person things I'm younger than them and they know more than me. I don't like people trying to reprimand my child, because that is my job and I do a damn good job at it, I don't like two-faced people, and I don't like people talking behind my back. Because I will call you out on it every time! And it's worse when I do it whilst pregnant with a boy. I found this out with Liam. Things were not happy for me, too much added testosterone to the already too much I live with on a daily basis.

I like you a lot April.

Brian, Laurel & Addison said...


Angie said...

this is why I have always liked you and will continue to do so.

Are you preggers?

Hendricksonblog said...

No I am not and I had a feeling this question might come with the way I ended.

The Peton's said...

Yes April. This is why we like you and are glad you're our friend. I would love to have a neighbor like you. Plus, they're awesome stories!!

Sounds like I'm in trouble if I ever get pregnant with a male. I'm half man as it is. Yikes. I just might grow a beard and start scratching my nethers.

So, I had an interesting run-in with some female church leaders that I wanted to shout from the rooftops and profane on the streets. I chill baby, chilled, and wrote it down in my personal journal. But man, did I ever want to gossip!! Neal calmed me down. He's good at that.

Lisa said...

Just so you don't feel bad let me just remind you of two words: "PREGNANT LISA" how can a person change so much during those "precious" months of growing babies in your own body??? I just don't know. I just hope we all don't ever have to experience pregnant Lisa again. But I find much joy in Pregnant April. I love her, almost as much as I love Morning April. I miss her too!!!

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