Friday, January 1, 2010

Should auld acquaintance be forgot

Nellie and I are on the other side of this table and Dave took this picture because he wanted to make the time stamp on it which read 1:03 a.m. (I didnt post that picture because I look horrible and my blog is just to make others look bad not myself....this is a place for me to convince everyone else how wonderful and fabulous I am)
As usual we were mid game and didn't realize the new year hit until it was 12:20. OOOPS!!!
We had a great night and great food. Dave made it to 3 am half asleep and the four of us went on until 5. Luckily we all have good sleepers and old enough to tend themselves (Hey Neve is 1 so she's completely independent now as long as we keep the bathroom door closed).
We are playing Ticket to Ride (Europe edition) and it was really fun especially to me because I won. Beginners luck!

Earlier with the large group of 9 (why an odd number hmmm, because Mike was caught somewhere between the moon and Park park city) we played Tripoly , which is a lot like Monopoly except that it is nothing like it at all.
We played a little Beatles Rock band and had the pleasure of Matthews beautifully tuned instrument and his own made up lyrics that were and ode to his wonderful wife. Those two are a match made in Heaven I tell you. Now I have to go watch a season and a half of Lost to keep up with the Petterssonottesonses. I also found out a few things that a few men may or may not be willing to try out to get that extra deck of cards.
P.S. Keri thanks for bringing all of the drink and candy aisles and the produce section of Smiths.


Chad said...

I can't believe you stayed up until 5 am. Sleep is good.

Julia said...

Guess what? I was playing the exact same game at the exact same time as you!! :)

Best Song lyrics ever