Monday, January 4, 2010

My hands are small, I know but they’re not yours they are my own


"mom, Neve has Rockstar hair"
(once again, no clue where he heard this)
The wits of a 9 year old: We are playing cards and Logan is using one of those card holders because it is Five Crowns and we are holding a lot of cards. Keri says "that is different than the card holders we had as kids" Logan replies "you mean your hands". Ahhh it is sort of the kind where you had to be there but I was there and want to remember it.
Speaking of remembering don't you hate when people call it a rememory? I hear that sometimes and it bugs me more than "we was" and "she dont" . Well now that I said them in my head maybe not, its a toss up. I also don't like Punkin and when adults refer to their own pajamas as jammies (random tidbit). I had this girl one time say to me "its not like it is Brain Science" took me a second but I realized she had jumbled Brain Surgery and Rocket Science.
Yesterday a new Bishopric was put in and I heard from few people that they thought it was going to be Dave. Now if that isn't good for a laugh I don't know what is. Not the part about Bishop Dave, just the part of Bishops wife April. I think that is commonly referred to as an oxymoron.
Now the rearranging in the ward begins. Everyone HIDE!!!
Well today I get back to the dreaded routine.
I actually really like routine
Until you get out of it and have to get back in.


Angie said...

aw c'mon, I could see Dave as a bishop, that would actually be fun and you would be one of those bishop wives that would keep it real. Not too many of those types.

I say Neve should keep the do. Logan is a witty little man, but did you expect something different from the two of you

Julia said...

Cute hair, and look at the long lashes on that girl!!

Hernandez Family said...

I'm totally digging the do! And why not "Bishops wife April".

Lisa said...

so reading this post all I am thinking of is: have I ever said any of these to you. then I wouldn't just be known as the dumb bag lady but the lame talker too. Just to add it to your list I HATE anyways. I am with you on the we was stuff too. But we do like to say "just got my hair did" thanks to 30 Rock. Watched that yet?

Hendricksonblog said...

When it is said in fun it doesnt bug me and just because people say that stuff doesnt warrant any hating just "bugged".....ha ha. You have never sayed any of that to me but I have a bad rememory. I havent seen that one yet....up next on my DVR

Aimee said...

I don't hate this post. I'm just "bugged" by run on sentences.

I did the same thing as Lisa - was wondering the whole time if I am the dumb girl. It was me that suggested Bishop Dave. He he. JK I will still hide from him though.

Aimee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hendricksonblog said...

It was no one who reads my blog and if it had been any of you I would have laughed at you right there and then and explained your mistake. This girl would have beat me up.

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