Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nothing to win and nothing left to lose

Pardon our powdered doughnut dust
I can't go back right now of course to the first option.
I like both for different reasons but I know now which one I prefer
Whats your preference?


Susan Catmull said...

He looks like a totally different kid. I like both. But maybe the buzz the best.

Mitzi said...

I think I like him with hair a little better. It just keeps them looking more babyish.....although my little Sam is cute no matter what, it makes me sad when he looks like a grown-up boy.

The Peton's said...

They're both cute. But I have an affinity for buzzed heads. Have you seen my baldy husband? It's easier to maintain too.

Lisa said...

Ummmm is this the lady you had to delete her comment before we all read her inappropriate comment??? I wish I knew how to read that before you have to delete it!!!
As for the hair. For some reason the shave looks more like him, but maybe its because that is how it has always been. With a face like that you cant go wrong!!!

Hendricksonblog said...

No, different China woman but I deleted her comment. NO clue what it said I didn't translate it this time and I thought I turned on word verification so what do I do now Hansen women?

Brian, Laurel & Addison said...

Hair-buzzed heads remind me of sweaty Reese & Lance Dymock.

But the buzz cut makes his cute eyes stand out more.

Amy said...

Awww....April he is the cutest little guy EVER!! Either hair is great, keep it long in the winter and buzz in the summer, he's got such a cute face that he can pull off either. What a doll!

Mama H. said...

He looks more like my Sam with the buzz, but of course he's irresistable no matter what length his hair happens to be.

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