Thursday, December 17, 2009

Then drop on the deck and flop like a fish

So, I have this dilemma. Here is this giant bucket. In the bucket is maybe 2 quarts of paint that is the color of our trim in most of our house. I have this other problem. I hate when you try to touch up paint and it doesnt match exactly. So just keep this bucket right? Well this leads to my other problem. I hate keeping stuff, especially if it is wasted space. Inside this bucket is at least 4 gallons of unused space. How can I possibly keep this bucket taking up space in the far corner of my storage room that is not bothering a soul? I cant!!! So I have this genius idea. I pour the boogery old paint into 2 quart jars and then I decide I can throw out the bucket.......uh oh......what will I do if I ever need more than two quarts of this will I know the exact color? I can write it down somewhere......but where? Ahhhh so I take a photo and unless my house burns down all I have to do is sort through thousands of photos to get the picture of the color of my paint. Viola!!!! Problem solved.
On to our next problem.

Samuel took the tag off of my new rug but this didnt come off with it so he said (his words)
"Mom the anchor didnt come out, this calls for a scissor time"
So he got a scissor (yes like Burt)
And we removed the anchor from the rug.
On to other important tasks...............................................maybe I will go hang E L L A in her room (cant wait for the questions and comments on that one)
Oh yeah and my Sam has croup......again......he sounds so cute and Neve just tried to grab his paper and he said "Devil Brain" in his cute raspy voice.
If you are the question the devil part just look at this picture. One of these kids is doing something she shouldnt and she does this kind of stuff all day. I think I got one of Nellies kids.
yesterday I found her inside my bathroom cabinet. Who is watching this kid!!! (Mike?)


Aimee said...

Devil Brain? Where does he come up with these terms? I've never heard you or Dave say "devil brain." What kind of terms is he going to come up with when he's in jr. high?

I realized I must say "pissed" a lot, but not enough that Erin could remember exactly what the term is. She asked me if I was "sissed" today. I like that better - maybe I'll start using "sissed" and "devil brain."

Such sweet kids we have.

Hernandez Family said...

She may get into stuff but she sure is cute! Don't throw the paint away give it away! We are finishing a room in the basement and we need paint!

Lisa said...

You have blogged your paint problem so problem solved. You will now just have to remember in what year you were having your paint dilemma.
I like your step by step help on how to cut a tag off the rug!!
And I think "Peace" put Neve up to her climbing getting into things. Poor Neve. Bad Peace!!

Angie said...

I love that you touch up your paint, I thought I was the only anal person in the world that obsessed with perfect paint. I saw an infomercial awhile back that looked good, it was a self contained paint holder that had a roller at the end that could close and not dry out. Perfect for those black marks thrown shoes make.

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