Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Passed the point of delerium

I went to the store with a 1 year old and an almost 4 year old...............ughhhhh Im tired!!!
I slept like a rock last night and didnt think Neve even woke up once, but she was in her swing when I got her out.............I really was out!!! I had a really long dream that involved a lot of running from people and hopping fences and scaling walls and seriously I feel like I did all that in real life. (part of my dream had to do with a Barbie or doll that had implants but Im almost positive that came from Law and Order SVU that I watched right before bed)
How long do you think a dream really lasts? It felt like hours but I wonder if it was seconds. I wish my body bugg showed that I burned like 900 calories for all that work I did in those few seconds.
Sam says: Mom Hobby Lobby is my favorite store and I want to go there again tomorrow to get that measurer (measuring tape for crafts that retracts when U push a button), but wait I really like WinCo too but my super favorite is Target (good boy). Okay Mom all three stores are the Champions because they are all super awesome.
I hate taking him to stores but how can I deprive him of the super awesomeness of it all. Today I pretend threw away his toys he had in the car because he wouldnt mind me. I dont know if that ended up worse for him or me who had to deal with his freak out attack. I only have presents for Ella for Christmas but I just might be done shopping after today. Neve stands in the cart and can weasel herself out of that germ infested seat belt no matter how tight. The worst is that she takes her shoes and socks off everywhere we go. I tried some boots on her and bought them in hopes that she cannot get something off that goes clear to her knees. Of course ankle socks almost go to her knees. (see previous posts for size of this chicks legs)
*I can't move beyond Green Day right I love 21 guns
Sam talking to Neve: if you cry one more time I will knock you in your peanuts
Sam: Dad why cant I have a real gun?


Hendricksonblog said...

My retard picture post will have to do for now until I get a real scanner hooked up

Chad said...

Was anyone chasing you with a spoon full of Mayo in your dream?

Hendricksonblog said...

That would be a nightmare and would have ended in vomiting but you already know that dont you?

The Wingwah's said...

Kindergarten is going to be a nightmare for him. Mayo in a dream is also a nightmare!

Lisa said...

The only awesome store is Costco because they have the double seat...although I haven't been to Winco yet. do they have a double seat? if they do it will beat Costco because Costco doesn't even open til 10. Seriously 10? I can't even attempt the other COOL stores. I mean really. If you ever will let me watch your kids you can get some shopping done. Serious. At least you have presents for one kid. I have zero done and I am usually done before Thanksgiving. Not giving Sam a real gun must be his reason for Dave not being nice only you and Angi. I love that kid. Can I trade your Steve baby for a Luke or Tanner baby? Thanks to the sickness I am not even sleeping long enough to start a dream let alone one that would burn 900 calories. I am tired from walking back and forth all night long. I guess that could burn 50 calories. Why am I writing so much???? Seriously what is wrong with me?

Angie said...

You might be onto something, a way to burn calories depending on your dreams. I would buy that machine. I hate shopping and I have an afternoon with only one little person. The sad thing is he enjoys shopping, it's always one more store mom. I just get annoyed with people while shopping. For example today it was "clueless talk on phone and hog the entire aisle" at Costco. I hate shopping.

Aimee said...

Ok - I'm back to the blogging world and the wait was worth it. I always get a good laugh from your latest post. Is it bad if Sam is my favorite kid? Just don't tell any of my own kids that he has taken the title.

I love WinCo, Target and Hobby Lobby, too. Next time invite me and I will make Erin entertain Neve.

Chad said...

My other post is long because it is good, as evidenced by the long comments duh! Now go read it.

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