Friday, November 13, 2009

One little two little

I don't have a picture yet because it is on my iPhone and Dave is hogging the Mac with his Woweeness. (hmm that sounded weird, say it out loud)
Sam had Indian Day today at Aunt Sands preschool and I took him to school and he didnt cry and he said "I dont want you to go in with me i want to go in by myself". I guess he grew up as soon as Halloween came and now its off to college next week.
anyway I picked him up and he was dressed up like an indian with paint and all on his face. We had to go to Costco and all the old folks got a kick out of how cute he was. It was a little frustrating for me since he kept shooting his bow and arrow (well actually he only shot the arrows) and I had to keep bending over and picking them up. You know how every time you bend over then you have to readjust your whole pants/shirt/garment deal.......ughhhhh.....unless your one of those who likes to walk around with the undies showing then I guess you might not care.
Anyway to get to the point Sam said: "mom you know what we learned about indians in preschool?" and I said "what"? like a good mom should. He said "That they kill animals with their bow and arrows but they kill them so people can eat them and they clean the "guts" out with this knife (holding up a fake knife) but teacher said we could pretend to kill stuffed animals but we had to only pretend to clean their guts, thats it, thats all we learned"
Uhhhhhh!!! Okay!!!
I love Aunt Sands Preschool!!! Seriously what is not to love???
I never would have remembered to teach my kids about guts.....that's why homeschooling just wont fly in this house.............and I might kill them............well mostly Ella!!! Okay really Dave would kill her, she loves to try his patience. I tell her not to make dad mad and I tell him to try his hardest to not get mad and I will give them both a treat. They both lose every time. haha this not knowing how to read music thing really pays off for me.


Angie said...

Jared would love to of followed you through Costco and watch you bend over. He would then make the pfft sound each and every stinking time. He has yet to out grow that, and I am glad. I use to admire those that did homeschooling, but I think most of them are a little wacky anymore. Cute pics!

DJ and Gin Family said...

That's sad about the Reams camera bar. I was hoping to drop a Christmas present off for Jill and Kathy this year, something from the Blue Boutique maybe... bummer!
The whole Indian day at preschool made my oldest a vegetarian for a few days. It was funny! I had never told her where her meat came from. Homeschool wouldn't work for me either.

Aimee said...

The kids pix are gorgeous! Cept Logan and Sam both look like they're actually saying "cheese." :) Super cute. I'm excited to see the rest of the pictures.

Not sure what your problem is with Homeschooling is. As soon as my kids hit Jr. High I will be homeschooling. And I'm going to teach them how to play 3 instruments each. And how to cook and sew and we will probably have CPR training in the spring. Send your kids over.

Hendricksonblog said...

Im not opposed to some otha motha teachin my kids as long as it aint me. We barely get thru homework without me flippin my lid.

Susan Catmull said...

We must be related because if I can make it through a night of homework without slamming my fist on the table telling them to just relax and listen(I guess I need to follow my own suggestion and relax)
then the whole homework experience is not complete.

The Peton's said...

Sarah went to that pre-school many years ago. I loved it. I think she did too. I miss that place. My other kids go to ghetto pre-school at the "Persistently Dangerous" (so says No Child Left Behind) high school where all of the scantily clad chicas teach them. "Regular" preschool is just too expensive, and I don't think my kids are worth it. The alternative is homeschool, and let's just say I still tie my 7 year old's shoes. I would suck.

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