Friday, October 30, 2009

Snippet of Sam

Me playing bejeweled with joey on my lap
"mom i fink your getting totally sacked by nellie"
"mom you know what? when i was at Matt and Angi's, matt and angi were playing bejeweled and Matt won the whole record"
Sam told us he wouldnt cry on Halloween for preschool and sure enough not a tear so I said now you dont need to cry when I take you to preschool anymore and he said yes I will cry because its not Halloween anymore. I bet the little devil will cry too.
I was going to a PTA meeting and I had Joey and Steve and while I was getting steve out of the car another lady said to Joey "hey do you want to walk in with me" and he said "probably not"
Sam says to Ella "your fat" Ella says "no im not" and sam says "not super fat just fat" (this seems mean but I think he is still at that age when it is neat to be big) although he said to me the other day "mom why is your belly big?" and I told him because I ate too much food. He said "if I eat too much food I throw up" he's well on his way to an eating disorder and he's got the skin and bones to go with it. ( disclaimer:I do not think eating disorders are funny)
I might start adding disclaimers so I dont offend anyone and so Sam doesnt either.
Sam: "mom you are super nice and Angi is super nice and Matt is super nice but Dad is not nice"
Dave is a complete pushover with Sam and lays by him and gets him drinks and lets him sleep on his side of the bed but yet he is not winning any super nice points.....go figure.
Sam knocks the books off the nightstand while we are reading "oh that was just awful".


The Royals said...

Sam says just the best things!

Lisa said...

This post made me laugh. I don't think that eating disorders are "funny" just "admirable" ok not the pukers just the starvers. I mean the will power in those people!!! Anyway I guess the post is about Sam not a mental illness, but he is hilarious. And I say you just offend away!!! I loved he didn't want to walk up with that lady and he told her. It must run in his genes?! LOVE IT!!

The Peton's said...

He really is a little Joey. Still crying at pre-school and telling off the PTA ladies.

Keep the offenses coming. They bring laughter to my day.

Joey and Steve. I love it!

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