Saturday, November 14, 2009

And I feel so confident

One of these days she will walk. This tiny thing makes big messes. I have never had a kid that is so into everything. She even likes to stick her scratchy little fingers right up my nose. Whasat? Sam calls her Nevuel now. Well actually nevuel ala shevuel. He turned into Daves Joey today and it was a very very good day for me. I may get rid of this pouch after all.
Have you ever noticed that the more you feed a kid the more they poop? just wonderin'
Big meal in big meal out as Dave puts it. kind of sick!!! then again true!!!


Chad said...

I love big meal in big meal out. Never thought about it for the kids though....

Susan Catmull said...

Love your kids new pics. Did Natalie do them? Did you get a family one too? can't wait to see them all. Sooo many questions..... LOL

Mama H. said...

Thanks for the pix. I think that is the best one of Ella ever. I can't believe how big they are. How did we let this happen?

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