Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dear mother, Can you hear me whining?

I think people thought i was kidding when i spoke of my liking for the grass on a course.
This is Dave and Logan and some other WOW geek at the Presidents cup a few weeks ago. Logan got to miss one day of school but he claims he is still one behind Ella since she is sick and has missed two days. He has it in his head that there will be fairness with days of school belonging. He will not win this one. I will.
This is the Lobby area of this fancy shmancy place we just stayed for the Open in Arizona. I swear these people knew when you were "about" to sneeze and were already standing by with a tissue. Im not so much into the guy opening your car door thing. I mean i think it is nice when others do it but I myself am not so much a fan of it. So these sweet little things dont realize that when they insist to get all of the doors for me the last thing I want to give them is a tip, a dirty look is a little more like it. I dont really do that but it bugs me after a while. I dont fit well into this kind of place but I had a good time all the same. I would not have done well in the slave days. I would not have had slaves except for the babysitter ones. Those I would have lots of. I think now they are called Nannies.

Dave and his partner were golfing 2 of the days and since my "handicap" is too high I was not allowed to set foot on such a course. Little do they know I have many more handicaps than just fact just the other day I fell out of my car and resprained my left ankle and sprained my right. Not bad sprains although they hurt like hell but my pride hurts a little more. I was wearing flip flops (shocking) and they were wet so I slipped when i got out. I'm going to need one of those walk in tubs one of these days.
Anyway, back to my photos. I was alone in this wonderful place with not a friend in sight so I made friends and then I took these pictures of them. I had to bribe them with food but I still considered them friends.
Plants and animals make for better friends than some people do. My favorite was the first one with the line of bunnies and one small other creature that they accepted into their clique.
The plants are okay, I prefer non cactus but the cactus seemed to turn purple in the evening and I found that to be rather intriguing. Arizona is pretty during sunset. I dont see sunrises very often so I dont have an opinion on that.

This is a fancy pool that I didnt get into because I would feel like a creepy child molester or something swimming alone in a lazy river. It was pretty chilly anyway. Like 86 or something. These Arizona people are funny when it dips this low. Jackets and all. Dave and I got a good laugh at that when we had sweat glistening on our Utah skin.
I went to a spa and exercised, at apples, got a massage from Julio or some name like that, got my hair done and made friends with a Russian girl and gave her some Fertility advice (true). The things women will talk about when a listening ear is in their chair. Ema I hope the herbs work for you. Spent some time in a steam room. I cant handle the dry heat of a sauna but I love that smokey wet air. I made friends with an old lady from Texas who was coveting my thick hair as I was cursing it. She told me I would be happy with it when I got old and people couldnt see my scalp. I cant wait to get old now. Even if everything else goes out the window at least I will have my braid right?
Daves company sponsors this event so that is why we were in attendance and he was nice enough to bring me, who probaby doesnt appreciate golf like I should.
We walked with a group of golfers inside the ropes. Chalmers is the only one i care to remember his name because he is the only one who talked to us. Dave played in the ProAm the day before with Romero (none of these names mean anything to me but I am writing them for posterity).
So this was the start of my busy/really fun week last week and now i need to make popcorn balls for Sams preschool class with the hopes of him not getting sick before then since he just drank from Ella's sprite. First I need to go remove a dead mouse from my front step......good job kitty.
yep, dead.
This is what is fondly referred to as Chicken Butt in "my" family


Chad said...

How does someone get a golf handicap anyway? I have always wanted one, but unsure how to do it.

I go golfing when I want to be angry. Once I golfed with Brad Schreck at the Magna course and was so mad I hit a tree hard with one of my irons, and said iron bent around the tree, tight. I had to leave it there. I wonder if it is still there?

Chad said...

And whats a WOW geek?

Nice Green Day reference.

Hendricksonblog said...

It is good that you dont know. World of Warcraft

Susan Catmull said...

Yes, I've heard stories of the loss of spouses due to WOW so beware of this. LOL
Looks like a lot of fun.

The Peton's said...

Awesome post! Next time, take me. I'll go down the lazy river with you so that you don't look like a child molester. Just a lesbian.

I'm laughing so hard right now, because I can totally picture you giving the tip-meister's dirty looks every time they served you. I'm with you on the slave thing. I would have lots of babysitter ones.

Amy said...

Hey it was GREAT to see you the other night. Love your updates and seriously your kids are the cutest. Hope Ella is feeling better!

Mama H. said...

Love your blog. You take great photos and your comments always make me laugh out loud. Your family will be so glad you're doing this history--well, except when they're embarrassed.

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