Sunday, September 13, 2009

They Say it's your birthday!

Sam starts Preschool on Ellas Birthday. this is him one way and then....
He wanted to pose the other way. How cute is that giant backpack on his little body?
He seemed happy now but I knew what was to come.


I so far am not the crying kind when they go to school especially if they are screaming when I leave. SEE YA!!! Good luck teachers. Not my problem for 2 whole hours and I walk away with a very satisfied grin on my face while all the other moms around feel sad for him.
I realize this does not make me a bad Mom just different I suppose.
My mom is the best Mom ever and I venture to guess she felt the same way.
My sisters and I all wonder what planet all the crying moms came from. Not our planet.
We are a little cold hearted and we like ourselves that way. ***
Oh or maybe we hate cleaning up after people all day!!!
*** I am emotional just not about letting my kids go off to school
Sam says: Mom when the dogs bite a baby's face juice will squirt out.
Me: What?
Sam: When a dog bites a baby's face juice and blood will squirt out.
Me: where in the heck did you see that?
Sam: no where i just thinked of it.....while I was in bed
(I think that may be what is called a bad dream)

Ella turned 7 on 9/11
That rhymed and I didnt mean for it to.
Sam loves rhymes. "Mom fart rhymes with tart"
She got her ears pierced even though she tried to bail out of Claires before they could do it.
No chickening out allowed with this mom.
Then she chose to go play at Kangaroo Zoo
They had glow in the dark mini golf. Apparently for Sam it was not dark enough because he could still find something that I had previously talked about him having a problem with. He actually had to go to the bathroom.....Luckily!!!
Ella had a Bratz cake.
I think every kid should have this themed cake for their day since they all act like big ones on that day. Has anyone else noticed that?
Its like they think that day revolves around them or something...
p.s. i bought this sherbet that was orange with dark chocolate chips in it for myself on her day and it was faaabulous. If you like orange sherbet that is.

We will miss this jack-o-lantern smile when it is gone but she will like that she can eat apples again. She loved all of her gifts and is working on wearing them all out as we speak.
Me(looking at coupons)
Ella: Mom is looking at sexy magazines
Me: I'm not sure what you are seeing Ella. What does sexy mean anyway?
Logan: I have no idea
Ella: I cant say because dad will hear
Me: Is it magazines with pictures of Dad all over them (laughing)
Dave: (flexing and laughing)
Ella: Yes and he's wearing a bra (giggle giggle giggle)
the rest of us laughing our heads off.


Chad said...

She does have a Jack O Lantern mile... Like Jack Skelington.. awesome!

Keri said...

LOVE this post! Love the big backpack, the thumbs up Sam, adorable kangaroo zoo picture, and super smiling Ella. Congrats Sam and Happy 7th Birthday Ella!!

Noslo Family said...

I must be a cold hearted mom too! I was jumping for joy to have 3 hours to myself the first day of Kindergarten. My kids never seem care that I leave them. Cute pictures!

Angie said...

So, let's see the posted pictures of Dave being sexy!

Happy Birthday Miss Ella Bella. I like your toothless grin!

You are heartless Miss April :)

Aimee said...

I used to be one of "those" moms. Not so much by the time it's your third. Well, and I don't know that I've ever been sad about leaving Emma. I hope one day she likes me 'cause so far she and I have clashed.

Love that Ella! BTW I asked her what she was going to do for her bday and she said: "I only get parties when I turn 8, 12, 16 and 18." What kind of rule is that?

The Peton's said...

Hey, Ella and Kate are only 6 days apart!

Funny, but I never pegged you as a Bratz buying kind of mom. But, it IS kind of fitting for the birthday girls. I remember Kate in tears on her last birthday because she didn't break the pinata.

And April, you really must break your nasty magazine habit.

Liz said...

I could not stop laughing at that picture of Sam in preschool. I hope he likes it more next time. I'm surprised I didn't cry when I dropped Caden off at preschool. I thought I would be the type that would. I guess I was too worried to cry. I can't believe how old Ella is getting. It looks like she had a fun birthday!

Mama H. said...

She looks so cute in her "birthday suit" (cute sparkly outfit). I definitely can't associate her with "Bratz." She's so cute and nice to everyone. Kylee told me this week that she wished Ella lived next door to her. I do too. I add my vote for the orange/chocolate sherbet.

Lisa said...

Is it too late to post a comment? I have been a computer slacker this week. Keep telling yourself you are not a bad parent for leaving you kid freaking!! j/k i am the mom who is more embarrassed like I must be a bad mom if my kid cries or acts out in front of others and I feel I need to explain or something. Ella is too cute, and she was beaming with joy with the ears peered (as Ash says) I LOVE your happy minutes too!! You really shouldn't pull out the "sexy" things until the kids are in bed!!

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