Friday, September 4, 2009

Focus on the Nude w/thong....

Made you look !!!
the real title is "Promises, promises"
If you get the reference you are smart, as smart as google.
Those people who are Mature enough to remember the now referred to flip flop as a thong
Some are sooo young still and know thongs only as the "melvin makers" they are........oh wait my maturity shows again.............wedgie!!!This is Neve playing some kind of Character off of some kind of creepy show. She looks totally weird and I'm not sure what happened here.
We love her just the same.
Some kids get in to stuff, Neve just likes to get into stuff and make crazy faces
If you ever think of buying black furniture or a TV for that matter just click on these pictures to enlarge and you just might change your mind. That's what I call a CSI nightmareTalk about a crazy face, I think its made of rubberWe've got ourselves a climber!!!
Just ask my sister Amy, its what you do when you are vertically challenged
I have been MIA this week and that is what I have been up to.
My neck in boxes of cables.
I am done and I promptly popped all of my blisters on my hands
Now they hurt.
I got man hands!!!
Samism: Dad is the ones in the white shirts Oklahomo losing? Dave corrected him and Angi would be proud that I told him not to correct him for more reasons than one.


Hernandez Family said...

I remember when a thong was a flip flop. My mom still calls them thongs. I think they started calling the underwear thongs because they go between your butt like the flip flop goes between your toes.

PS. Neve is so cute!

Chad said...

but at least your pictures are enlargable. I think blogspot is against me.

Lisa said...

I love all of your "young" references. Because you are so old!! Man I sure love Ella and Logan. What cute kids they are. Just wanted to give a shout out to your two forgotten kids who are in school all day not home being adorable!! I'm sure you love them just as much!!! Peace

Angie said...

I really miss saying thongs and having it be for shoes. Flip flops makes me think of politics and that just wears me out.

Looks like you are moving! I will find you a house!

Did Dave pee his pants on Saturday after the game?

The Peton's said...

Very funny post. Yeah, that picture of Neve is kinda creepy, but still cute, because she does that best. And yes, the guys with the white shirts were Oklahomo. Sam is smart.

Mama H. said...

I think kids destroy your furniture/house no matter what color or type it is. We were never able to keep the cushions on any couch in our house because they were always being used as tumbling mats, tent holders, etc. What a cute family! Grandpa will love the OK reference.

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