Friday, August 28, 2009

Tryin to make a livin and doin the best I can

Dave's Grandma died yesterday (His Dad's mom) and my kids had just recently gone with Norma to visit her while Dave and I were in San Diego. Ella is a very kind tender hearted girl (most of the time) but on top of that she is sensitive. She asked if she could go play with Chloe and I said yes but first I want to tell you something. Grandma Veone died. Instantly there was a pool of tears on the bottom half of her eyes. How it got there so fast I do not know. There was not even a half a second of registering in the brain time. She ran out of the room. So I yelled for Sam and Logan to come in and told them and while they were asking me questions I hear sobbing coming from the other room. Logan and Sam moved along pretty easily. Sam thinking "oh she's with Jesus, cool". So I went in to find Ella to talk to her and I was of course nervous being the emotional type myself. Unfortunately much like my own Mom and myself, Ella and I feed off each others emotions. I explained to her that it was okay and that Grandma wanted to be with Grandpa again and she would not want Ella to be so sad. She continued sobbing in the pillows. By this time it is getting to me. I said Ella "are you upset because you think it hurts to die?" and she shook her head NO. So I say "are you just upset because you Love her"? she shakes her head yes and just starts sobbing even more. Oh yeah! it was all over for me after that. I collected myself and through teary eyes explained a little more to her. Samuel is always being the guy that keep emotions in check by adding a chuckle or two. He is sitting by us and says "I do not like all these sad faces" we both laughed and Ella went into the bathroom to get a squirt bottle to spray cold water on her face. Another thing i think that poor girl got from me is the headache from crying trait. The cold water helps. Dave mowed Ellas name into the back lawn for fun because he felt so bad. I thought it was cute.

On a lighter note and true to Sam style a Samism
Samuel likes to park his hand down the front of his pants lately and sometimes fiddle.
We talked to the kids on Sunday about their allowance and bartered the amounts.
Logan wanted 5 dollars or nothing...........we chose then he worked on his bartering skills until he figured out how it works. He didnt end up with 5 but he was happy.
Samuels allowance is all about keeping his hand out of his pants (we know an adult man who still always adjusts all day long and hope to veer Sam from that even though we find it endearing on this unnamed know who your husband is). So to make this short story even longer Sam said to me yesterday as he has his hand down his pants "Mom I dont want allowance, i want to put my hand down my pants".
So just like food didnt work for potty training, money will not work for this child.
He's so different from Logan.

I am building some cables for Dave's Company and Sam likes to help. Neve too but she just sucks on the connectors.
He came in last night with his chest all puffed up and said to Dave
"me and mom got to get to work on those cables"


Brian, Laurel & Addison said...

I had no idea you were emotional, i wouldn't have pegged you that way.

And Sam fiddlin' is just way too hilarious! If it were my kid it wouldn't be as funny. but since it's yours I will continue to giggle.

Angie said...

Sorry to have to tell your children the sad news. There is no preparing a mother for that. I would of let you borrow my sunglasses. Maybe you should get Sam a fiddle for christmas!

The Peton's said...

That's really sad/sweet about Ella. Sorry about your emotions getting the better of you. I think our husbands check to see if we're crying at movies so that they can hurry and laugh at something before they break down into tears.

A fiddler. Oh man. Sorry.

Chad said...

My Grandfather died last summer about this time. I was surprised how hard it was on Tierra. Just the other day i pulled a picture out of the two of them together and it is still hard on her.

I didn't know you guys noticed that I kept my hand down my pants. Sorry, I also didn't know it was offensive? Just wait till he starts shaking it at you while making loud noises like "woo woo!"

Chad said...

In response to your question on my blog: I can not confirm or deny that.

Hernandez Family said...

A fiddler huh? It could be worse he could be fiddling with one hand and sucking his thumb with the other (I actually saw a little boy doing this in line at universal studios I was embarrased for the mom).

The Bronson Bunch said...

Love the Sam story!! He is a clever kid!

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