Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I said no, no, you’re not the one for me

I'm so good, I got two ponies
and it's not even my birthday

I'm 10 months today and my hair is getting thick
I wonder if I will have as much hair as my sister Ella did and people will think I have an extra large head for my teeny little body?
I am already in the lead.
I sure wish my mom knew what to do with fabulous hair
maybe in her next life.
(lopsided but what can anyone expect from a hairtard)


Chad said...

This reminds me of you. Yes, yes it does. You got me on this title BTW. And once, a long time ago, yeah.

Julia said...

Man-oh-man, she's so cute!

Angie said...

So proud of the ponies, although we call them piggies. I wonder what is the proper term?

Angie said...

oh and you should be the one to move, I live in the same zip code that your husband works in !

The Peton's said...

Sarah was reading your caption over my shoulder and thought it was pretty funny. It is funny! And just remember, coming from the ultimate hairtard, who cares about their hair. It's always messed up by the end of the day anyway, right?

Dang, that baby is cute.

Rachel said...

I love when you can put their hair in pigtails. That girl of yours is always grinning. And today is he first day that I know the song your title came from without googling it!!

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