Tuesday, August 25, 2009

See you, me and julio

I don't know who's more excited to get rid of em' Me or Neve? her smile looks semi-evil. The best part of this photo for me brings back many memories of the double socks with double cool shoes. I have missed my little Ella these last few days. I have had to take care of Neve all by meself. Its a tough job!!! I haven't however missed the messes but for some odd reason every day around 4:00 it looks like a tornado came through the kitchen. Hmmmmm!!! I had 2 very tired kids last night. The first day of school takes it out of you, and remember how hot it always is. I didn't really put them in new school clothes for this reason. All the other kids looked so hot in their pants.
Sam went to preschool orientation and when we came out he said "oh mom we forgot to take my backpack in, they would have thought it was super awesome" and i said "its okay Sam you can still take it when you go to preschool in a few weeks" he said "I already went to preschool and now I have to go to kindergarten". He thought that was it and now on to the next. Logan would dig that kind of school year. Logan always tells us the fractions of the year that are school and the fractions that are summer (and people say you never use math in real life) and how much of an injustice that is.
Ella told me a little boy brought a lunch from home and she said there was just a small sized fruit roll up in it. I said "that was it for lunch nothing else, who packed his lunch" she said "apparently his mom". We were both disgusted and she said he is very bad in class so I told her to be nice to him because he might just be hungry. I just enjoyed her use of apparently for the first time. So cute!!! Apparently that is what you learn the first day of first grade.....vocabulary !!!
On their first day of school
I cleaned out the fridge (not rotten food kind of clean out--sanitize) and the pantry and threw away so many things. It made my day. I love throwing things away. Whenever I am home and the garbage man comes...... I watch........there is so much satisfaction for me seeing all that junk fall out of the can and drive away from my house. I will say I like the sound of the garbage truck too....demented.....but I like the sound of RMR even more...............even at 11:30 p.m. Many of my poor neighbors hate it but for me its like sounds of summer (kinda like sounds of the sabbath, but not)
Off to Depech-CA-Mode................you'll dance to anything!!!!


Angie said...

I miss the sound of RMR so much. How could you hate it? Back in the day when the first day of school was actually in September, you could get away with wearing your new long pants to school. I get giddy over watching the garbage man too. I hope you can still hear tomorrow!

Chad said...

Is Paul SImon better without Art? I don't think so. Oh wait, i already covered this. I could have gone for that kind of school year too.

Summer is not over, not until September 21st.

Angie said...
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Angie said...

PS> I like Ella!

Nichole said...

I don't want Ava to go away to school but then again I don't have 4 kids yet!!! I love Neve's smile!

Hernandez Family said...

Apparently they had a good first day.

Julia said...

Why don't I know what RMR means?

I share your love of throwing things out of my house, and seeing the garbage man take it away. I'm a compulsive cleaner, organizer, and purger. Makes me so happy!!

Mama H. said...

They're getting so big...and cuter all the time. I WISH I could get the throw away compulsion. I'm the one who brings home the treasures others have set out to throw away. Sick, huh?

The Peton's said...

Glad to hear you have a crush on the garbage man. He needs a girl friend too, you know.

Chad stole it from me. "Down in the schoolyard."

So, double socks are in again? Or did Ella just steal poor Sam's socks? I remember sweating buckets on the first day of school. Especially 8th grade when I wore the new jeans, turtle neck and cardigan sweater.

I miss RMR sounds of summer too. But back then it was called something else. I don't remember.

The Royals said...

I also love the sounds of RMR. Every once in a while I hear it after 12. It kind of lulls me to sleep.

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