Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's gonna sting me when I leave this town.

Dave surprised me with a trip to San Diego for our ten year anniversary. We had a lot of fun and to be honest I didn't miss the kids much. I love them but I think I needed a break. Normally I might have cried leaving my 9 month home but she was in good hands so I was fine.
We went to Sea World, which seemed a little weird with no kids but we probably did the whole park in 1/4 of the time without hauling all the garb that comes along with kids. We got a good idea of what we will do with them there when we go to Oceanside next August and now we know one day at Sea World will be ample. I liked the Sea Lion shows the best I think and Dave liked Shamu. I still would never get in the water with any of those creatures though....CREEPY.....
We spent some time at Coronado and took the Ferry over there. We went to old town and ate at the Old Town Cafe with the little mexican lady making tortillas in the window. The food was great and reminded me of the Enchilada at Z Tejas only better and less expensive. There were mexican men walking around singing for tips to all the tables. I was so nervous they would come to our table because while I like hearing and seeing them from a distance i hate people singing right to me. It is so you look at them? do you look away? what do you do? So of course they came over and asked Dave if we wanted a romantic song phhhfffffttttttttttttttt. yeah a romantic song for me ha ha ha. Thankfully he said no thanks and I got to go back to my meal without too much anxiety.
We went to a Padres game the last day we were there because Dave had never been to a Major league game. They won which was a bonus. Unfortunately we sat by some JackAsses that were as drunk as they come and were so obnoxious, luckily they got into it with some other people in the crowd and then chickened out worrying about what they would have to deal with after the game and left (of course going to the bar in the stadium to see if they could damage their livers further)
The idiot kept offering to buy me food because he knew how annoying he was being but for some reason couldnt see it enough to stop. Man I could have been a stuffed pig had I taken him up on all his offers.
At batting practice before the game a baseball ran smack into a bird and knocked it right out of the air...........dead!!!! I keep wondering which player gets to send that bird to an ex girlfriend......or boyfriend these days (wink wink Sarah)

We bought the kids something in old town
Sam got a Ukulele, Logan a small guitar, Ella an accordian (which i might be regretting this morning) and Neve a cute umbrella to hang in her room.
Sam now has an instrument for his self written music
Thanks Dave (he will never read this so i could say I hate you Dave and he would never know)

Oh yeah and while I was gone all my Facebook friends decided to take advantage and try to smoke me in Bejeweled.................I'm back ladies.........and coming for you (oh the important things in my life)
SAMISMS: Dad i only have one penny to my name. Logan Remember when we went to Dagoon and rode all those rides? Oh mom when we went over that bump it tickled my weenie.
Logan is freaking out because he has to pee and sam says : Logan i can hear the pee in your body.
Finlay came over to play with sam and he said : Finlay I dont want to play cuz im just hangin out with my mom. Neve throws up in the car in her seat and sam says: oh Neve you are totally cleaning that up, I am not cleaning it up because I didnt do it but you did it so you are cleaning it..........huh mom?


Susan Catmull said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. And yes you do need to leave your kids once in a while to regroup. My problem is when I leave and come back I seem to have less patience with them not more.
Gald your back- we missed you at the Thayne family party.

The Peton's said...

Hey, Afterglow is back!! Sam is the future of mormom melodies!

I love San Diego. I could live in La Jolla. Perfect weather 24/7.

Angie said...

Bonus points for Dave. Anytime a man can pull a fast one like that he deserves some credit.

I have decided to boycott Bejeweled. I get a high score and then they start the stupid tournamont over. I can't keep up. You kick butt however, it's your special talent.

Julia said...

I'm so happy for you that you got away!!!!!!!!!!! Okay. I'm more jealous than anything.

Chad said...

I wish I could go to a Padres game. I want to hear more about the dead bird... what are the chances?

And as Martin Blank's friend says, "TEN YEARS MAN! TEN YEARS! TEN YEARS! TEN!" Of course he was talking about high school and not marriage, but still. Now the quiz is back on you to name the movie I just referenced. Hint: My all time favorite movie. Hint 2: Not Star Wars.

Lisa said...

So I want to write my most favorite "San Diego" movie quote, but their might be a word that would offend. So anyone can check out Anchor Man quotes and see what I really want to write. April I don't know how you can stand leaving such a HORRID baby with someone for so long. I mean I don't even know many who would be willing to do such a hard task. "Agree to disagree!!" Glad you had a good time. I am glad that you got your kids the most useful instruments to start learning. Who needs a piano or a violin if you have an accordion or ukelele!! Can't wait to hear the Hendrickson Kids playing on Sounds of the Sabbath!!

Amy said...

Good for you April, you deserve that. I swear we need those little moments to be sane huh? Wished you had some pics, but glad you guys had a good time. Very cool Dave for surprising her.

Aimee said...

I'm wondering how much of a surprise it really was. Usually when you two try to surprise each other it gets spoiled by someone or something along the way.

You guys are old - when you hit the TEN year mark, you are old. I'm not sure what that makes Jer and I - maybe you start counting down after 10?

Glad you had a good time. You are a great mom (one that gives it 110%) so I'm proud of you for getting away and not missing them. :)

McNett Family Blog said...

Fun! Hope you got my email in time.

The Wingwah's said...

chad- Grosse Pointe Blank...? dont' think April's seen it. It is rated R. She only does the NC 17

Mama H. said...

You just THINK you had the most fun. I got to play with your cute kids while you were gone. I must admit, I'm not as young as I used to be and I salute you for doing this 24/7.

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