Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Logan took a shot to the face today. Blood was going everywhere. He was freaking out! I will never believe this kid when he actually really gets hurt because he is "dying" with even minor injuries. Funny thing: today he told me his least favorite field trip at school was to the Empress Theatre in Magna. "Why," i said and he replied "ACTING, i hate acting". Well if there ever was a Drama King you would see it at my house whenever and injury occurs to Logan. He said he broke his nose and of course being the tender heart that I am I said "oh you did not quit being so dramatic". I think it might be broken or maybe his cheekbone is fractured but then again it might be just fine. I guess I will wait for the swelling to go down before I know. Ella looks away every time he comes near and he said "why are you doing that?" and she said "because you look wierd". He thinks she's stupid and she and I think she is funny. We are right.
Its not a good photo and it looks worse in real life. Do you wonder who the other guy was? Do you worry for what he looks like? How black and blue is he? Has anyone seen Logan mad? Scary!!!

Luckily for little boys everywhere this is the other guy.

While black and red, it came out injury free. I took Neve to her 9 month appt today and lied to the Dr. about my house being childproof. I have never done that with any kid so why start now right? Wrong I guess and how does one childproof a barstool? Tell Logan to quit standing on the couch, oh what a novel idea Logan.
So A while later I come upon this. I suppose dishwasher soap might be considered a "poison" which I also said to the Dr. that I had poison controls number handy (lie #2) doesnt 911 count (Chad?)
But look how happy she is getting into the poison, how could I stop her even if its potentially deadly. She's never this happy!!! (lie #3)We are racking our brains for a way to adjust this childs "ATTITUDE" issues

Sam asking me to make some macaroni and cheese for lunch and Mike told me I should heat up the leftovers we have. I didn’t think Sam would like it because it was a homemade macaroni so I said “Sam, do you want the kind of macaroni that comes in a box?” and he said “No, I want the kind that comes in a bowl.”

He had a runny nose so I asked if he needed a kleenex and he said “What?” so I grabbed a box and said “do you need one of these?” he laughed and said “KERI! Those are tissues silly!”

He took his shoes off and they were under the table, so of course Lincoln got one and was chewing on it – Sam started to laugh and said “ohhhh, he got my croc!” I about fell on the floor laughing because it reminded me of the office episode (I got egg in my croc!)


Chad said...

You can call 911 sure. Then we will call poison control.

Hendricksonblog said...

oH GOOD. So I wasnt lying when i said I had it handy. 911 is so handy.

The Peton's said...

Favorite Homerism - "OPERATOR! WHAT'S THE NUMBER FOR 911!?"

I think you're funny. I love the description of Logan and the drama. Seriously, that baby girl of yours needs to smile more. She's so somber all the time. She must get it from her mama.

Angie said...

Simpson quotes are the BEST!

I lie to the doctor all the time. Just like to the dentist, yes I floss every day. I think I like Neve.

Hernandez Family said...

I used to lie to the doctor now I tell them the truth and they seem to not even care. How cute is Neve!

Lisa said...

I can't believe all off you who lie to others. I never lie....um who are we kidding if people say they never lie they are lying and don't trust them! Why are you not done having kids???? One word for you Neve!! I would have more if I had a Neve child. O yeah and totally sucks for Logan. Is he broken do you know yet?

The Royals said...

Do you know how hard we laughed when he said "I got egg in my crocs"? HAHAHAHAHAHA

The Wingwah's said...

if Neve doesn't stop smiling so much people might start thinking she's "simple"... or simply delightful. OH, how gay am i?

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