Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sire, do you like yourself? P. E: What's not to like?

This part of this movie reminds me of one of my best friends brother so it is a memorable quote for me and maybe not so much for anyone else.
The celebrating doesn't start until noon if you are one of the many "types" of "creatures" that attends the Magna parade. Who's idea was it to have it at noon? I want to start enjoying myself a little earlier on the 4th but I'm forced to wait.
This year we sat by a great "crew" of people......we did not know them but they must have thought we were part of their family because they were leaning all over our kids on the curb and throwing pop-its at us. A little old lady walked by completely drunk and was mumbling about losing her family. I dont think she was actually very old but her lifestyle gave her "that look" (its not a good look). For the last two years I have missed the regular parade walker and I am a bit worried about what has become of him. If anyone has seen a very tall very skinny (meth addict skinny) man in cut off to the cheeks denim shorts and a tank top and long hair walking around please remind him of the date and time of the infamous Magna parade. The Bray family is missing him and his 10 passes along the parade route. There is no reason to go to the parade if you are there for a good parade or if you dont have a kid in it other than to "people watch" okay okay "mock". It's a past time of ours. We do see many many "normal" looking people there but they are boring (no offense). I prefer to be one of those boring people at the parade that doesn't draw too much attention to myself. One year this very large, very underdressed girl straight across from us was very flamboyantly doing the Macarena......Hilarious!!! I always love adult men who are clowns and such too or ride unicycles or weird crap like that. We always joke that we wish that was our husband. We would be soooo Proud!!!
We had a BBQ at our house and it was fun. The kids swam and jumped and played, the adults ate and sat and sat and ate again and Kerry teased and teased and teased. Logan finally wised up (it took him 8 years) and figured out that it was smart to be on Kerry's team. DUH!!!
Adam provided a fireworks display as usual. Dave and Eric took care of the show after my arm almost fell off handing out sparklers. Next year I might not buy so many.
I love fireworks, they're awesome!!! They are never as good once you go to Disneyland and see their display but I am interested even if it is a stupid ground flower.....okay pop-its a little too.
Eric lit my whole box of flowers on fire at once (my kind of show).
Utah Fireworks have come a long way but it was still nice to be able to watch the various law breakers fireworks going off all over the neighborhood from my front lawn. I appreciate them forking over the cash in Evanston so I can enjoy the show. Everyone went home and to bed and Nellie and I held out for the RMR fireworks @ 11:30........I told you I was hard up for fireworks.
This is a long novel i am writing
Condensed version----I love the 4th of July!!! and I love Magna!!!
sadly if you got this far you didn't need the short version anymore (my bad)
Here are some pictures


TammaRamma said...

You're brave to do the Magna parade! I refuse....they don't throw out enough candy! Although we did go to Copper park in Magna to listen to music and watch the fireworks there, and yep people watching is the best!

Brian, Laurel & Addison said...

Magna Parade-oh how I miss those days. Why did you not take incriminating pictures of the less fortunate folks at the Parade? It would have made for QUITE the post. Next year.

Aimee said...

Were the fireworks at my house not enough for you? I forked over more than you want to know for those Evanston fire crackers. BTW I think you left your lighter at my house. I thought you might need it - especially if you decide to become one of the not so "normal" Magna Parade peoples. It was a doozy this year. How 'bout Pete's Den? I heard a lot of people complaining about how it should have never been okayed for those bikini dancer girls to be on the float. That was just the fat people that were jealous of their ability to wear red white and blue string bikinis in public.

Angie said...

I just watched that movie this week, love it!.

We missed the parade this year and we have reserved seats. Had a stupid family reunion to go to, who plans a reunion on the fourth of July anyway?

Were there any crazy Jesus floats this year? Do you remember the one from a couple of years ago? Magna.

We have fun sticking mutliple fireworks together and seeing what we can do. We went to FIVE different places to make our purchases, Jared will always be a 12 year old boy with fireworks!

Hernandez Family said...

My favorite past time is watching people! My husband gets embarrassed that I actually stare at these kinds of people but I can't help it! Next year we will have to go to the Magna Parade! PS I was also wondering why you only posted pictures of the "boring" kind of people.

The Peton's said...

Hey, does the Cyprus marching band still wear those old polyester uni's? How'd they do? I miss that parade. The only times I ever went was when I was IN the parade. Yeah, I know, I'm cool. Cool like a band nerd who got taffy thrown at her.

Susan Catmull said...

Well I don't think my husband will ever lower himself to go to the Magna parade(he seems to find other more interesting things to do like change the oil in the 4 wheelers, etc) But my kids think it's the bomb. How much candy they can collect is the ultimate object of the game. I, like April love to see the crazies,drugies,way inappropriately clothed people and lets just say it "White Trash" people, and boy do we see them in droves. We Brays are such meanies aren't we. LOL

The Wingwah's said...

The Clearfield parade was awesome. Ok, not really, but Faye said "this is the best parade i've ever seen mom"... she's always good for a laugh. They threw out TONS of candy and we got to see almost every single city in Davis county's fire trucks, no joke. There was even A float... maybe 2.

Becky said...

So, had a first this year. I actually got to drive our POC dumpy truck in the Magna parade this year. You aint livin til you have this experience.

Nat is an SBO over at BJH this year. Jared's nephew Erik is also. So they decorated the truck and then it got rained on. So they really looked awesome with the soggy streamers dripping different colors down the sides.

The parade was pretty lame I thought, mostly business advertisements. Only Jazz Band from BJH. No others. I love the Tongan Church marching band and they weren't there this year. Boo!

Oh well, we'll be back next year because it is, after all, tradition. I still love the parade.

Noslo Family said...

Your post makes the Magna parade sound much more interesting than the Murray parade. After collecting 2 buckets of candy in Murray we had had enough parade. We will have to try both next year. Are there any bagpipes at the Magna one?

Noslo Family said...
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