Friday, July 10, 2009

Now Im crying rainbow tears

The kids are finally all better. They had the GHOMBU and bronchitis and ear infections, puke, fevers, and the whole gamet of winter time ails so I took a can of Lysol to everything in kid touching range. I hope it doesnt eat through paint or take the stain off wood or get into the crevices of the light switches and cause them to short out. Neve will continue with sick until we figure out if there is something that can be done with her poor immunity. Until then she will have her weekly visit to Dr. Aoki to have the goop sucked out.....its horrible and I cant even imagine what that must sound like. She cries but as soon as they stop the vaccuum she goes all big open mouthed smiley again...

Neve learned to crawl (army style) a few days ago and she's unstoppable. Time to check the small toys at the basement door and get a gate. I'm pretty sure she got tired of being neglected so she is going to figure out how to do things for herself so she doesnt have to wait patiently anymore. She's the best baby ever and Logan said to me the other day "it feels like we have had Neve forever". We all can't get enough of her. She likes to spit food now which is always a treat but I never have nice clothes on anyway so who cares if I look like everyone else at Walmart when I go. Okay I care but Im pretending I dont just for impressing sakes.

Ella pulled out her front two top teeth in the last week. She likes to mess with wiggly teeth and pull them out herself. So on one hand I am glad she is not a wimpy drama queen about it like Logan but on the other hand It bugs me because I like chasing my kids around, pinning them down, and pulling it out while they scream. I don't love the chasing, pinning, screaming, mostly just the pulling.

There is a snail above my garage door and I keep telling the kids it is Gary from spongebob. Logan finds me amusing, Ella is unsure and Samuel fully believes it. The snail just stays there so everyday when we pull in or out (okay those who know me know I dont leave everyday) but anyway I tell the kids to say hi or bye to Gary. I hate snails and i love love love to crush them under my shoe. I love that sound!!! Creepy huh!!! This snail is smart and he's staying high and uncrushed. Poor Gary may be all dried up already up there and is just stuck by some of his goo but for now he stays while I enjoy my "corny" jokes (I believe many of us in our family are turning into our dad with the jokes that are gay)

Sam says: Logan, Totally this is the deal.

Mom My Balls hurt (he thinks his stomach is called balls........thanks older kids). This goes right in line with his elbow being his "nuts". That somehow came from the chipmunks movie.
Mom, Neve is our sweetie pie huh? and a small fry? Logan is a medium fry and you are a super big fry! (he's so proud when he calls me that too and I dont like it....super big and deep fried...ouch)
Mom look at my super awesome moves!
Pharmacist: would you like a sticker?
Sam: Yes and could i have one for my best buddy too? (i think the lady thought he had an imaginary friend but really his best buddy is Logan).
Ella: I loved Rattlesnake Rabbits!!! (rattlesnake rapids) She denies saying that but I have supersonic hearing (all the imprisoned drug dealers by my house can attest to that) so I know I am right and she is just embarrassed that she didnt know what it is called. It was cute. Sometimes I just want her to be cute and little still and not old and too smart.


Amy said...

Okay first of all, sorry you have all been so sick. I was hoping to see you guys at Atti's birthday, seriously getting sick in the summer is the worst!! Hang in there.

And we too had Gary at our house for awhile, yah a little creepy that you like to squash them, have you tried salt, cruel but kind of cool! My kids get so dang attached to things that they live FOREVER!!!! Let us know how long he stays at your house.

TammaRamma said...

we have a pet fly named Ziggy...although there's more than one, but the kids just call them all Ziggy!

Lisa said...

All I can say is this is a delightful yet disturbing post!!! I am most opposite with the teeth pulling and of course having anything crunch under my feet, unless you count food all over my floor... o wait I HATE that too. (Love your cute kids. And the cute things they say.) I was hoping you would do a TWSS joke with your garage comment, but I did in my head anyway.

Angie said...

Why didn't you ever go to dental school, or even the hygientist thing, you are wierd girl.

I agree with Amy,even better than just stepping on the snails is pouring salt on them first and watching them ooze and then step on them. I have wasted a whole container at one time.

I hope your family stays healthy, but it sounds like you need an anatomy lesson.

Chad said...

This was the post on crack, you introduced more ideas with more run on sentences than Brad Schrecks English papers.

Hendricksonblog said...

Well Chad if you know the band you know why the post was this way and you also should already know I am a lazy typist. Its not so much that I dont know the rules to English I just dont use them.

Chad said...

I was just trying to sound like one of the offended, though I'm not, its fun to play that way. I love your posts like always. One day my dog went out to play, instead of grey he came back yellow... or something like that... is that the one?

Julia said...

Eww for teeth pulling and eww for crushing snails. Actually, double-eww for that one.

Otherwise, I loved the post! You should start copywriting The Samisms. He's hilarious!

Aimee said...

Sam is hilarious, Julia - you should be there when he says those things. I am entertained by him and could be all day. In fact, sometimes I wander over to Aprils and pretend I need a cup of sugar. Really I just want to play with Sam.

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