Monday, July 13, 2009

on a blanket with my baby is where I'll be.

I am so glad, I already have the picture ready for when these two get married, we just have to have the details printed on the side. Who knew I was a wedding announcement photographer?

We took the kids up Millcreek Canyon for FHE.
This is how many kids my mom had that were all hers.
Luckily these kids belong to 3 different sets of parents.
Why is it that we think our life is hard sometimes?
We ate a picnic with chicken salad on croissants except Matt (he was scared that I made it w/Miracle Whip) and Matts children (who only eat peanut butter). With that we had watermelon, chips, mini doughnuts, and rice crispy treats so we covered all the important food groups (there was celery salt in the chicken salad so that was the veggie).
Dave and Matt talked about work the whole time and sort of followed Me and Angi around while we spent quality time with the kids.
This is Krystal when she almost fell off into the creek
she was wearing shoes for fashion and not function
I couldn't pass up this face
(he's funny lookin' but he's mine)
I'm pretending I took this photo on purpose like this and next I might pretend its a painting and I painted it.
Atti, Ella, and Krystal not knowing whether to look at my camera or Angi's

Neve enjoying her walk a little too much of course I might be that full of glee if someone carried me (rhyming not intentional)We are pretending we planted this tree just because it is cute and little and right by some flowers.
Neve and her "ugly" little mugg

Here are Dave and Matt still talking about work 2 hours later. They are so much fun and we are sure glad they came to enjoy nature and spending time with the kids in the "great" outdoors even though they could have just talked in the backyard.
These were the only feet that stayed clean


Keri said...

I LOVE IT!! This looks like so much fun - and what a great way to spend your evening. I bet the kids (and adults) had a blast!

Angie said...

I guess that would be a great engagement picture, except you don't have a spotlight on the ring. Why weren't you doing pictures a million years ago for me!

Boys are so, work, work, work. Do we girls talk about laundry all day?

I like Dave. Don't tell him.

The Wingwah's said...

Are you just planning on Ella being gay? Yea, Neve sure is one "ugly" baby. Never smiles, that one.

Lisa said...

Please tell me that was not your Mom's spacing though?? That would be more than rough. Had the same thought with the gay pic of the girls, but I would still be their friend. You know how gay friendly I am! Peace

Amy said...

Looks like so much fun! Love the pics, and yes LOVE that Matt and Dave talked the whole time about work, isn't that SOOOOOO much fun!!

Hey, you're totally right, my hubby is hot with his camel toe and sexy face, one HOT man!! Hee Hee

McNett Family Blog said...

Love your painting! You're so talented.

Best Song lyrics ever