Monday, July 20, 2009

Now Andy did you hear about this one

These are the Players. I'm the Banker and holding the camera
Monday night and are we sensing a common theme?
We've missed our extra child.
Sam owns all yellow lemonade stands.
He's not doin' too shabby for a 2, 3, or 4 yr old.

I did ask him to resay this for the camera but he said it all on his own the first time.
What the small kids say who have older siblings.................smokin'

Samism: Neve doesn't have good skills yet


The Peton's said...

REM. That one was easy. And the last one I know, but I can't think of what song it is. I just keep singing that part over in my head.

I hope you're a nice banker.

Angie said...

I was gonna guess it was from Bye Bye birdie. I think I would of lost.
I think Neve has some mad skills!

Chad said...

What is it a game to play name that title with you? That offends me.

Lisa said...

Your nice to play that danged Monopoly game. Brian wishes that game was allowed in our house. That game is worse than have "face cards" in the house to me. Man I love Sam.

Aimee said...

I hate monopoly, too. But, that one looks like it might not take 12 hours - maybe just 8 or 10. I love that the board isn't as big and instead of hotels it has lemonade stands. I need that one.

Is Chad easliy offended? Your titles don't offend me as much as Sams attitude. He he he. But but but but but I love that kid!

Mugga said...

I want to pretend Sam learned to say that from me!! Seriously cracks me up and really? I think every Monday should be game night - good call!
(not that you will be surprised but this is Keri, not Mike)

Best Song lyrics ever