Friday, June 5, 2009

The rains came down

This is my dad and 7 other peoples Dad, we should be embarrassed about that but I'm not, my Mom maybe was "a little". This is another vehicle that holds many of our childhood memories, and holds the infamous Nellie pots and pans story (I wont get into that because it includes a bit of toilet talk if you know what I mean ). We used to ride up in the top of this thing (totally against the law now) and look out the front window and then when we had to pee we were supposed to knock on the window but Dad would never hear us over the roar of the trucks engine so we would pee in a cup and dump it down the sink and then every time we stopped he would ask us what we were dumping in the sink because it sprays out onto the highway as we go. We told him it was water (its mostly made up of H2O, kinda like watermelon).
We look awesome and we always had a great time. I venture to guess we are in the running for some of the best childhood memories, I mean really just look at us!
My mom claimed us at least once in a picture
I used to be SUPER!!!
We all had some version of these but some of US are too old to be in our skivvies so I will not post anyone older than me. Was this the era of "Greatest American Hero?"
Unfortunately I still stand like this and fortunately (for everyone else) I stand like this fully clothed and only wear the super girl costume in the house.
This will be my last (maybe) of vehicular strolls down memory lane. Nothin' better than a grease monkey driving around on a motorcycle with an improperly secured Sarah on back. FYI the silver thing down by my dads leg gets burnin' hot so if you put your leg on it you get burned and you cry also, if you don't throw a firecracker before it blows up you cry.


Lisa said...

It looks like Adam is the only smart one and remembered to bring his i pod with him on the trip!! these pics are too great. I am just thankful I have heard the pots and pans story!! I guess the car laws (or lack of) and no one dying explains how we all could sleep on our stomachs as a baby and also not die. I wonder what changed???

The Peton's said...

I know the pots and pans story! Classic.

How bout that Jazz?!

And how did your mom manage to always be so skinny? 8 kids?

I think I had matching underoos just like yours. They were awesome! Especially when you stand out in the back yard in late winter/early spring for a special picture. Love the matching shoes and socks. Glad you managed to put those on.

Aimee said...

Okay - I had Wonder Woman underoos! I was telling my kids about them and how cool they were, but they don't really sound cool when you try to explain them.. your picture shows their coolness. We were all super at one time.

And the ol' truck with the camper on the back. So glad to see that we weren't the only family that did that and called it a vacation. We never poured our pee down the sink, but we did pound on the window and never be heard. And to think that we all survived those trips - forget the lack of seat belt laws - we would beat the crap out of each other. Too many kids in a cramped space. I think my parents knew it was going on but they just kept driving.

Oh, to be a child growing up in the 80's. I miss the 80's.

The Wingwah's said...

yea, what the crap is in Adams hand? I am loving all these old pictures. It brings back so many fun and funny lookin' memories.
I love that picture of you in your underoos! At least you weren't like Austin and Aaron and would wear them around all day as clothes.
Is it just me or does dad look quite hunky on the motorcycle? And I look a lot like Phoebe (or she like me) sitting innappropriately behind dad.

Hendricksonblog said...

So, Sam got bumped while on his bike, so I walked over to check on
him. To my suprise, (sort of) he had a pelethora of sugar granules in
his hair and upon further inspection his left cheek (face cheek) was
also covered. I think we should host a sugar intervention this week
with him.

Brian Harmon

I posted this from my email for memories sake

Angie said...

Well I think Dave is the lucky one if you still have the wonder woman under roo's....enjoy!

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