Friday, June 12, 2009

All Plumb full of love

If anyone knows the song to this lyric, they are a true geek (I guess that includes me)

This is Neve enjoying a little of our plumbing, she only fell in 3 times while i was trying to shoot this and I had to quickly grab her out. She loves water and whats cuter than a baby in a tub?

We went to the condo at Wolf creek this last week and they have the dumb pool rules that anyone 3 and under has to wear plastic swim pants, which is retarded since Sam has been potty trained for a very long time now. Dave was brainwashing Sam about his age at different places where different ages have different perks, like being free for 2 and under or not having to wear plastic pants if you are 4.

While we were out on the boat Dave was surfing and he was taking a rest for a minute after he swallowed half the lake and Samuel said "Dad, Totally, we don't have time for this"!
and really we didn't since we only got snippets of good weather.

This is Ellas hair in the wind
We took the boat up so Dave and Brian could take the youth out on Wednesday but they got screwed by the weather and we were the only ones that caught a few hours of good water, in fact one of the days between storms the water was smooth as a babys bottom.
Neve is always as pleasant as can be even all life jacketed up. This was day one out on the boat. Lisa, Me, and the babies fared better and drier on this day than on day two when we unfortunately got drenched by a giant freak wave. Neve still only gasped for a second while the water covered her face and then she was right back to mellow.
The weather wasn't the best but in the end there was plenty of sleep

plenty of warm PJ's and undone hair
Plenty of laughs and smiles
a little snot

Plenty of online gaming (okay too much)

and Plenty of food, even in the most precarious of places
and last not much crying which is always my favorite


The Peton's said...

Glad to see you're raising a little liar! Congratulations!

Was Dave surfing? Seriously, that looks so fun! I didn't know that was possible.

The Wingwah's said...

I love that video of Neve playing in the tub and the picture of her sleeping. So sweet, almost makes me want a baby... but not really. She really is one of the sweetest babies. Though Daphne was too, so the tide might be changing!
and online gaming on vacation? geeks.

Noslo Family said...

At least you weren't camping in the rain with 30 teenagers.

Hernandez Family said...

Looks like soooo much fun. I am trying to figure out what Dave is doing exactly it doesn't look like he is holding on to a rope. I wish my kid could lie like your kid. You let Neve sleep on her tummy too!

Hendricksonblog said...

It is surfing but they start out holding on to a very short rope and then when they get in the right spot they let go and the boat keeps them going right next to the back of the boat.....kinda creepy for me. We like to think of Sams lying as more of working the system.

Angie said...

I am betting it'a a Carpenter song?

Hi Dave! Party barge!

Love that condo, we go their to often but we don't boat, we just veg on the couch and eat and do nothing. We are fun.

We lie with our ages too.

Lisa said...

So will someone tell the girl who is standing in front of Dave while surfing to sit the dang down! And does the baby eating food from the corner of a kitchen floor have a mother?? Honestly some peoples children!! Couldn't have had a better time!! Can't wait to go again. Maybe their needs to be a WOW intervention before too long. I really like the surfing. It is one of the coolest things. I am not a fan though of sending little children on a lake with a storm a second away with Seagulls who could attack any minute. That is where I could have a nervous break down. Better stop all this nonsense. If I want to ramble I better send you an email. Sorry all.

Aimee said...

My favorite part of this post is the video of Dave surfing... and Brian is watching Dave with one hand on the wheel. He keeps a close eye on Dave and then occasionally looks over to see if he has crashed.

Hendricksons and Harmons are cool people.

Best Song lyrics ever