Sunday, May 31, 2009

Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions

You know how when you have a new baby it seems as if your other kids don't exist for a while (in pictures anyway)?
Well we will always have Sam and if we were to forget he would remind us.
This is a video of Sam that he took of himself while Dave was "tending"
it takes him a while to figure the thing out.

So this morning Samuel said "no one can touch my special thing"!
Dave was really laughing and we told him never to let anyone touch his special thing.
Then in Sacrament meeting Sam said to Logan: "If you touch my special thing then I will tickle you and you can be my best buddy" so Logan touched his special thing and Sam tickled Logan and then they were best buddies (apparently)
What is his special thing anyway?

Just as we all thought. An F connector for a cable

One last picture of Sam holstering one of his "weapons" which is a flute cleaning wand, not sure if we want to clean any flutes with it but it definitely makes a better weapon now
Maybe we will finish off this day with a little story time
Oh yeah: Adios Orange and Brown Ninja Guy


Hernandez Family said...

Sam is the cutest boy ever! So, has he let anyone else touch his "special thing"?

Keri said...

Oh Sam . . . . I will be so sad if this hilarious personality of his goes away with old age!

Hey hey hey, is your ninja backround guy gone?

Lisa said...

How I love that kid. I have to hold back on my true comment because it could sound way worse than it was intended. So funny.

The Peton's said...

That's not a flute cleaner - it's a crack duster. Is that where he holster's his special thing?

I'm glad to see that you have 2 kids now. I've heard you have 4, but I don't believe it.

Amy said...

So funny!!! He's a doll!

McNett Family Blog said...

Sam let me hold his "special thing" yesterday! He is so cute and SO funny.

Mama H. said...

Sam is a 1-man show. He thinks we recently visited "Sam" Francisco. I guess that's kind of like "his Club."

Angie said...

I will miss the ninja dude.

Can I come and play with Sam?

Best Song lyrics ever