Thursday, June 18, 2009

E..E..Earache my eye, how would you like a buttache?

This is a bad picture and i cant quite figure out how to rotate it but the puffiness under her eyes will soon start oozing from them and then one day later will ooze from her ears.
She's still the happiest little thing, not sleeping as good but happy. She will be sad on Monday when we have our weekly ear suck out at the ENT. No one tell Logan but methinks he will soon need to visit ENT for tonsil removal.

He just punched my arm since he is reading this over my shoulder, man it sucks when they can read and spell....especially when I am spelling K.I.L.L.E.D. to tell Dave a story so Ella doesn't get worried and she says "killed, who got killed?" I did lie to her and told her the lady got killed because she wasn't wearing a helmet and got hit on her bike so i was at least responsible in my error to spell in front of her kindergarten graduate brain.

She looked like Vanilla Ice but this was the best it could be captured.
(my camera is being weird and its not possibly user error)
Samuels dresser tipped over on him Sunday and he didnt get hurt besides his feelings because his little white piggy bank that is for his tithing broke. This is the dresser before getting demolished by me to fit in the garbage can.
(It looks lonely doesnt it?)

This is his new dresser...which looks much better in his room and he can reach the drawers without a stool and wont tip it over (hopefully). He likes to change his underwear a couple times a day whether he needs it or not.
I know some teenagers who could learn a few things from him.


The Peton's said...

How could she still be happy after the ENT once a week? Wonder child, that one is.

Funny about Ella worrying about someone being killed. If Sarah watches the news, she gets all dramatic and thinks things are going to start to blow up.

I like the long shelf in Sam's room. I was in Kate's room just yesterday and wondering what to do about the lack-of-shelf situation. Problem solved. Thanks!

Angie said...

I would of burned the dresser out in the backyard, you know, just for funnsies.

I bet you have more doctor bills than me....not jealous.

Amy said...

Your poor sweet babes, wow I hope she gets feeling better. And I am so glad to here that Sam didn't get hurt, dang dresser. How are you anyway April?? Looks like things are good!

Mama H. said...

This proves you are a responsible mom. I, on the other hand, just kept painting the crappy old dressers a different color and leaving them to tip over on unsuspecting victims.

Brian, Laurel & Addison said...

Yea, I think Angie's boys could take a hint from your son. They'll be getting out of the shower, putting on their DIRTY underwears, and Angie will say, "Hey, those are dirty, put some clean ones on!" They say, "They are clean." Then she asks where the dirty ones went to amongst their dirty clothes..."uhhhh, okay, I'll go get some clean ones." Seriously, every time. Disgusting.

Good thinking on the dresser. I was about to buy my girl a dresser chest, like the tower one, I've just re-thunk the situation.

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