Friday, May 1, 2009

Won't you come and save me?

Hints for the title are on the 1st three pictures.....don't cheat.....challenge yourself
Why do i do this? My mom told me today that Alzheimer's runs in the family so we must keep our brains sharp. My outlets or should i call them inlets are this, sudoku, and crosswords. Since my newspapers aren't making it beyond the recycle can these days, this is all I get!!!

Its in the forefront
She's in it
+ a girl that meets a Cheshire cat (way too many hints)
if i still cant figure the answer to this when I'm 93 someone call Dr. Kevorkian

What is making her so happy???
Uh oh......the puuhhrooter (as sam calls it)
She loves watching Dave play WoW (aka world of warcraft for you non-geeks)


Angie said...

Jared guessed this one....I am so slow. If it's not something from the Simpson's or PBS I am a hopeless.

So what drugs are you talking about?

Chad said...

I am laughing that Angie watches the Simpsons. So cryptic your posts are. Happy Unbirthday.

TammaRamma said...

I was thinking of that Alice in Chains song.....=]

The Peton's said...

"Together with me and my baby, break these chains of Lo-ooo-ove."

Am I correct?

Correct as usual, King Friday.

Lisa said...

Your brain is on its own level I swear. I almost never get them. The hints are nice!! What a cute kid she is.

Mama H. said...

I thought it must be Alice in Wonderland from the hints, so call Dr. K for me. Your kids make my heart the consistency of a warm marshmallow. Thanks for the WOW explanation. I think the real geeks are probably those of us who have no clue...

Best Song lyrics ever