Tuesday, May 5, 2009

But one of these kids is doing his (her) own thing

Looking at old photos is one of my favorite things to do. It doesnt matter who it is, I love it especially when I can compare parents and see who got what from whom.
The kids are in a very Me stage right now.

I dont have any scanned of myself at Logans age at the moment and I cannot pause what I am doing on the scanner for fear I wont make my mothers day deadline in time but trust me on this.
He used to look just like his dad and right now he looks just like I did at that age minus the mullet (we all had them). Okay i cannot tell a lie, i had waaay bigger front teeth too.

He will claim their intelligence came from him
I wonder who they will all look like next year


The Peton's said...

Dave's child is the flaming doll cake. I know it.

Keri said...

I want MORE of these old photos! I love this post and yes - the picture of you in the swimsuit is Sam!!

Lisa said...

Sesame Street?? I am singing the song in my head, but I of course could be all wrong. Love the photos. I love looking at the orange faze of our lives.

Hernandez Family said...

Yes, these kids belong to you! I love looking at old pictures too. I was just thinking I should look at my old pictures my mom says Mia looks just like I did.

Angie said...

To be honest, I can see a lot of Dave in your kids. I have too many memories of Dave as a little turd!

YOu have a good mix.

Mama H. said...

That is amazing. They definitely look like you, but Sam's coloring and body type are Dave to a T.

McNett Family Blog said...

Cute kids and cute pics! And my kids totally look like Brian LOL!

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