Friday, May 29, 2009

Some people laugh through their noses

Okay Angi that's a gimmie for you--if you dont know it I give up on you
This was Sams response that I made him repeat on camera after I told him we had more "regular".
Definition of Regular: the kind of chocolate milk that is already chocolate when you buy it.

Whenever I take my kids to a drive up and Sammy says he wants regular, I order but of course if I said regular to the little voice in the box they would have no idea what I was talking about. If Sam hears me order chocolate milk he cries all the way through paying until I hand him the "regular". He is so worried that since I asked for chocolate milk that he is going to get the powder mixed in milk type which he doesnt prefer. He's going to want fancy Dijon Ketchups when he grows up. Little Turd.

This is a picture of a little tent they sell at IKEA and Neve thinks it is hilarious to be inside it. Sam just got it yesterday and he slept in it in our room last night. Funny kid.


Aimee said...

Neve looks way older in that picture than she is. I'll take a regular. That sounds good right now.

Chad said...

What's a little tend?

Chad said...

ps. Remember Yoohoo's?

Angie said...

I agree, if you have to put any effort in your chocolate milk, it's just not worth it. Pre-mixed with the whole milk is so much better.

Scary giggle....keep an eye on that!

Sherry Bobbins...the Simpson version.

Angi said...

I wish that I was just joking, but I have no idea where that blog title comes from. I even asked Matt and he looked at me like I was speaking Chinese. Sorry, but I suck!

Lisa said...

.....thats very dreadful..... love the post. that is one i know. I will know just about anything from that movie!! (usually I am with Angi though clueless!!) cute kids.

Julia said...

I think you should write a book of "Sam-isms". I know I'd buy it!

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