Sunday, April 12, 2009

We'll catch a pig and dance a little jig

(This is just a cute picture of Adam and Neve)
My good friend Lisa and I decided to plan a neighborhood Easter egg hunt. It went really well despite the fact that Dave poo pooed the whole thing. As you will see from the photos he seemed to have a good time and when it was all said and done he was "impressed" with our efforts. We both got gold stars from him (too bad we didnt get the eggs, some other rugrats got them).

This is a little glimpse of what it looked like, I cant wait to get the pictures from Keri that she took of the whole crowd and of Lisa bossing everyone around while standing on a chair.

Logan is apparently trying to sell this bbq-er to Chipper

These guys had their 12 eggs each and were waiting for the whistle to blow so they could get more, I think atti was mad that her mom made her put a few of the hundred she had in her basket back so the other kids could get some.
Searching for gold or silver eggs so they could get a prize (Keri was in charge of hiding these so those of us with kids in the hunt couldnt cheat) The egss were hidden really well, in fact a small kid had to go find the one in the 9-11 age groups yard because the big kids had no luck.
Holding my masterpiece painted wooden eggs, I am missing 2 golden ones. hmmmm........We colored eggs for my moms hunt that is today since she doesnt love doing it and I didnt want all the eggs it makes left at my house. Adam likes this tradition so she still has to do it. She will forever have to do the kid things because he will always be a kid when it comes to holidays
Sam Easter morning, the bunny opted for a few toys versus candy this year
Neve, whose candy was misteriously eaten by someone who's name starts with "E" and a mom who's name starts with "A".............she gets it eventually right?
We stayed home from church since I took logan in last night to find that he has Strep and Neve just got tubes so I dont want anyone else to get her sick and plus we had a few new card games we had to break in including one of my childhood favorites "PIT". two...two....two....three...three...


Keri said...

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this AWESOME day!

It better become a tradition because I am already thinking of better gold and silver hiding spots . . . .

The Peton's said...

Wow, you are quite the community organizer! Joining the community council soon?

Love the pic of Adam and Neve. Love it.

Dave must have pooed on the egg hunt because as a kid he was the one who always cried because he didn't get the most. Am I right? I think I would have pooed on a hunt too if Neal would have planned one. It means work.

Brian said...

Couldn't have had a better time. You are amazing! I owe you a golden egg or two!!

Brian said...

Sorry that was Lisa I am logged in as Brian and I didn't know!!

Aimee said...

I think I know who has your missing eggs.

Angie said...

Vote April for PTA president!

I loved playing PIT at girls camp, it was ruthless! I would of stayed home and played too.

Best Song lyrics ever