Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Samisms the Return

Here is a funny dialogue between Sam and Neve this morning, okay wait not really since Neve didn't speak. Here it is word for word.
Sam jumps up on the bed to see Neve who has just woken up
"Hi, Human Lady..............Are you a woman or a human or a cop? Mom is she a woman or a cop?
aaagoooo, aaaagoooo, aaaagoooo (this is his baby sound) little small fry, small fry, small fry, are you chicken and a small fry?

Sam you were born in Mexico huh?
Then Dave said "no, Sam you were born in Utah"
Sam looks at him with a disgusted face and said "no, I was born in BYU" (Logan actually has done all of this brainwashing)

I said "Sam go sit Neve up so she is not sad" He said "Mom I can't because I am too little and my power is out"

Dave "Sam are you ready to go to sleep now?"
Sam: "not quite yet" (who taught him this word quite)

Sam and Finlay are close to the same age and therefore get along really well one minute and the next they fight like cats and dogs so one day Nellie and I were getting sick of them and I said "you guys need to mind your own business" the next thing we hear is them saying "its not your business its my business, noooooo its my business, noooooo its mine, no its not my mom said its mine, nooooo................moooooom Finlay says its not my business but it is huh?.........noooo Sam its mine. These two will argue over nothing and act as if it is the most important fight in the world. (will we miss this someday?)

Sam is not a little kid or a big kid he is "a medium kid" this gets him out of doing anything that big kids can do and anything that little kids can do. For example he is not small enough to crawl under the bed to get toys out and he is not big enough to clean up his room.......he's just plain medium and mediocre I suppose. (not in manipulation though, he's the star player there)

last but not least because he says this all the time
Mom if you don't get me a hot chocolate I am not going to be your best buddy!! (how do they learn this manipulation so young)


The Peton's said...

Hi Human Lady! Looks like your little human lady might grow up to be a cop. Sweet. And, I'm glad to hear Sam was born at BYU, NOT Utah. Good boy.

Julia said...

Oh, man! How do you get anything done, April? I'd just want to follow Sam around all day to listen and watch!!

Angie said...

That kid is FUN! Is he in his pj's when he is saying these things? Jack's new word is delicious, and he smacks his lips after he says it. Three year old's are the best.

Brian said...

He is so dang funny. I love to listen to him talk. And I love how he grabs your face if you are not listening or paying enough attention to him!! He is such a cute kid.

Brian said...

That was Lisa too. Man I need to log into myself.

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