Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jenny, don't change your number

Curse you 801 and 435 and whatever other piece of crap numbers have to come before the regular 7
I don't even want to make phone calls anymore, maybe Comcast will go out of business now.
Tight wad losers!!!! (whoever was in charge of this is whom that is intended for)
(This post is supposed to seem hostile.........did I succeed?)
The little memory I have left now needs to be reprogrammed...................what good is remembering all my childhood friends (and Jamie's crushes) numbers now if they aren't even valid?
It was already hard enough when I had to add 508 and 232 to my repertoire of numbers (which really only included 250, but still).


Amy said...

I know, it's so ANNOYING!!!!! I swear I still can't remember and it's been over 3 days, sheesh! WHY are they doing this? Good luck remembering, I'm right there with ya.

Lisa said...

Complain, complain! Can't anything new make you happy? I have only called one person since the change and of course I forgot too. If I let my caller ID call them back it does it for me! So I am only going to call people who have called me first!

Angie said...

More reason to stop interacting with people. I am on my way to being a hermit.

Hernandez Family said...

Another inconvience in my life just what I need!

Noslo Family said...

I'm having a hard time with it too. I'm tired of getting the message that I dialed wrong and I had to reprogram all of my speed dial. Argh11 Let's boycott the phone company - or write the legislature.

Aimee said...

Remember the song- 867-5309?? How does one sing that now? 1 801... Doesn't work. And apparently neither do my fingers.

Best Song lyrics ever