Monday, February 23, 2009

Every other day of the week is fine, yeah

This is a cute picture that Ella took. I think she is trying to get a job at Kiddie Kandids with the giant bunny prop.
I am posting today, not because I have anything neat to report but because I am putting off beginning this day. I have schizophrenic feelings about this day. You see it is the day I do laundry and I love getting all the clothes and bedding fresh and clean again but it is also five days away from the weekend. Dave's comment to me every Saturday is this "what are your big plans today?" and I always reply "none, why do you say that?" and he says "because you always have something you're needing to go do" and I say "well now that you mention it (fill in the errands of that day)". Then off I go (kidless) to enjoy snippets of the afternoon in my wonderland of only buckling and unbuckling my own seat belt, watching out for my own safety in parking lots, making no unplanned trips to the bathroom and being able to shop in stores like Pier 1 without worrying of having to make (broken) purchases.
I came in the house one day to see Logan and Ella like this. They look like teenagers. In fact Ella looks like the kid on Sixteen Candles that says "sofa city sweetheart". Dave gave me and Ipod for Valentines and the kids always have it.
Nellie and I were discussing last night that Neve's cheeks look way bigger in pictures than they are in real life. I had a dream last night that she had 2 teeth. She doesnt though.
This is how Sam prefers to spend his days if he has a choice. He is already a man.
This is how we spent Sunday in lieu of Stake Conference. It is a Yatzee game that Keri gave us. (free for all or something like that). It is really fun and I like it better than the original game.
I love to gamble when it is not my real money I stand to lose. I like this game almost as much as "pass the pigs". If you dont know what that is, you are missing out on the best game ever made and it comes with the cutest little pigs............its like the mini tabasco bottle.
Okay enough time wasted........I must begin this day now that it approaches afternoon.


Angie said...

Let me guess, Sam is in his gingerbread pj's?

I agree it is fun to run errands and only have to do one seatbelt!

Amy said...

Okay so did your life just fastforward about 10 years when you walked in, YES they do look like teenagers, holy cow. How great that you were able to spend the day getting things done, Dave is sweet to not make it a big deal for you to leave, don't you just love that. Neve is so freaking darling by the way.

Jennifer Hinds said...

I love the game "pass the pigs". We have it and one year that's what we gave everyone we knew!

Lisa said...

What is your kids choice of music? Ella really does look grown up. I am glad that she took the pic of Neve. I told her to take one of her in the bunny knowing she would look so cute. I love this post by the way. And thanks for the title. I again love the ones I know all by myself!!

The Peton's said...

Wait, you don't take unplanned trips to the bathroom when you're alone? There must be something wrong with me.

Julia said...

Wow, Dave really does exist! Now, you need to get a picture of YOURSELF on the blog, Miss April.

Aimee said...

I love this post. It's so you. I so enjoy "real life" blogging.

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