Thursday, January 29, 2009

What in the world did I do with that magic wand?

A few little faces worth pinching, some with more cheeks than others
This photo adds to my enjoyment of the little person right next to Neve
One of our favorite things
Okay just mine and Ella's
I normally dont go for gay kids shows but I love the American Girl movies. Kitt Kitteridge was the other one. I really am excited for them to keep making these movies. I will buy them and anyone who knows me knows that is a big thing since I hardly ever buy movies. I need to have my sis-in-law rate these 2 to see if I have just gone soft in my old age.


Amy said...

Can't wait for Mya to start watching shows like that. I can't believe how big Neve is already, wow how time flies. How are you anyway?

Brian said...

So I would like to rent that movie from you and watch it here. I am ALL for cheesy girlie movies. That is what keeps my house in a happy place.
I think Ash is just happy to have another baby to torture, though she might love yours more than ours. And normally Brinlie can't take a bad shot so go figure!! Funny.

The Peton's said...

Your baby makes my mouth water. Yeah, you sound like you've gone soft in your old age. I must say though, we enjoyed Kit Kittredge. Chris O'Donnell has aged well. I'm glad he doesn't look like Rosie. I know they're not related, but yikes.

Amy said...

April, you are so sweet, thanks for the kind words, it really means a lot. Yah pretty much I am having my 2nd miscarriage within 3 months, pretty much just SUCKS!!!! I will be okay, I just need to have more faith that things happen for a reason. Thanks again, you're always so sweet.

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