Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Commenting in the form of a post

So the first of that song sounds pretty primaryish and hellooooo are we not a Cult anyway.


The Peton's said...

I don't recall any primary songs in minor keys that sound a little creepy. Oh wait, Book of Mormon Stories is in a minor key. But still . . ..

Heather said...

Oh yeah...I forgot we were a cult. I'm leading the music in primary this week. Maybe I'll teach them this song.

Noslo Family said...

I'm so glad that Steven let you out of his pretend jail last week in primary. Especially since your about to have a baby! Oh and you are invited to read my blog if you like. My posts are few and far between.

Ashby Family said...

Did you have your baby? Didn't see you at church. Hope things go well!

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